04 November 2019

More this and that....

1. Why the bin men leave my bin half way down the road is a mystery to me. Their head office issued the instruction that they were to be returned from whence they came which to the men means half way down the road.

2. As a child I was always told to ‘act your age’. I gave up trying a few years ago.

3. Charlie the cat has developed a liking for the new ‘soups’ now made specially for cats.

4. Laptop died on me but came alive when an expert repair man came. What a fool I felt when he switched on and found nothing wrong. He didn’t charge me for wasting his time.

5. Wondering what it would be like to go on a hike! Hiking was something we all did but age is now a preventative for such pleasures.

6. After three/four years living with me Charlie is still nervous of sudden moves and new people.

7. Molly Maid still does my housework. The ladies do the heavier work and I do the rest. Fortunately, they don’t leave much for me to tackle.

8. How time flies. In case you forgot, it will soon be Christmas.

9. Cottage pie for lunch today, I love it so much I could eat it every day.

10. Had a man in the house the other day. Well, someone has to repair things when they go wrong.


  1. I love your this and that. You have a way with words that makes it fun to read.

    1. Thank you. I am pleased you enjoyed reading my bits and pieces

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder if many elderlies still go hiking

  3. Valerie, there definitely comes a point in life when acting our age is completely futile.
    I'm not going to tell my cats about the soup - - they will start nagging me until I buy it.
    Sometimes our laptops like to make us look foolish, just for the fun of it.
    All the local stores are already filled with Christmas items. Unfortunately I can't avoid it.
    I've never heard of cottage pie, but it sounds good.

    I always enjoy your "This and That" posts!

    1. Cottage pie is similar to Shepherds pie. One is made with beef and the other with lamb. Personally I can't tell the difference.

  4. Our bin men have started leaving some really filthy bins outside our house when they have finished their work. I don't know how people can bear to have them in their gardens but I always have to go and find our reasonably clean looking bins before they disappear, presumably into the gardens of the people who previously had the filthy bins!

    1. My neighbour took things in her own hands and reported the men. Today, my bins were collected and returned from whence they came. Hooray.

  5. I agree with Latane, Valerie. You do have a way of making everyday chores and even misfortunes, such as the laptop dying then being revived, seem not so bad as they may have been at the time. What is cottage pie..a form of shepherd's pie?

    1. It's my way of trying to stay Cottage Pie is mixture made with beef and veggies, topped with potato mash for baked in oven. I think it is everyone's favourite. Shepherds Pie is similar only made with lamb instead of beef.

  6. I enjoy reading these Valerie.
    1. Do you ever see them? Could you ask them to be nice and put the bins back where they belong. Give them a cup of tea or maybe that’s going too far?
    2. Me too, and that’s so boring, lol!
    3. Charlie has good taste.
    4. That is always the way, mine went wacky but as soon as I took it in, no problems were detected.
    5. I have bad ankles, bad knees, bad hips and a few bad other parts so I don’t go on very long hikes anymore. I guess what I am saying is I sympathize.
    6. That’s a shame he is still a bit skittish. Our dog was the same way but seemed to calm down after about five years. She was terrified of men with glasses and beards.
    7. I think that’s lovely to have some help. Thinking about it myself.
    8. No I haven’t forgotten. I have written most of my cards out and sent off a couple of packages overseas. For once I am better organized and I am wondering who took over my brain.
    9. I love cottage pie. It has been a long time since I made one but they have individual pies at a pasty shop I go to. I asked hubby if he would like to take a trip over there as we are going to be out. His eyes actually lit up.
    10. We had the plumber stop by, a new one. He was so nice we will definitely call him back if needed.

    1. Re bins, Denise.... neighbour took matters in her own hands and got onto the council. She had more success than I ever did. Today, the bins were collected and returned. Complaining didn't work for me!

  7. Sometimes the fix for electronics is just let them alone for a while, if that doesn't work smack it, after that I got nothing.

    1. I must try that, Joeh. Will report again if success reigns.

  8. "2. As a child I was always told to ‘act your age’. I gave up trying a few years ago."

    Valerie, I especially loved that one because I'm in total agreement with you. And can someone please tell me HOW you're supposed to act your age?!? What does that even mean?

    I didn't know they made soups for cats! That is so cool. And I'm glad to hear that Charlie likes them because cats can be so finicky when it comes to food. And my Jerry was like Charlie, any quick move made him jump; especially if it was a first-time person.

    I know, can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? I was in NYC yesterday and the whole city already looks like Christmas!

    Have a great week, my friend. Say Hi to Charlie for me!

    X to you both

    1. I never discovered what act your age really meant but it was a sort of telling off.
      Soups for cats is very popular, especially with cats lol.
      Christmas for me is no longer the fun time it used to be.
      I hope to hear more of your NYC excursion.

  9. I didn't realise cats like soup! I could do with a Molly Maid and a man to fix things. :D At the moment I'm both of them wrapped into one.


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