15 May 2011

Monday Mirth


  1. bean is a trip...thanks for the chuckles this morning...i am in a house full of sick people and needed it...

  2. Toooooo hilarious; but I can relate: I'm terrified of heights (and I don't swim too well either, LOL!) This was great, Val. Made me laugh on a windy Monday morning.

  3. I'll follow you anywhere, Val!. More than one blog is definitely hard to keep up with. I tried to do it for a while and switched to just one quite a while ago.
    This made me giggle! Thanks.

  4. HYSTERICAL, Valerie!

    Mr. Bean ROCKS!

    And that would me ME. I'm so afraid of heights!!!!

    Thanks for the great Monday morning laugh, dear lady!

    Have a wonderful day...X

  5. I love Mr. Bean. Thanks for the good laugh Val.

  6. LOL! Mr. Bean cracks me up!
    Thanks so much for your kind comment while I've been gone.
    ☼ Sunny


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