14 May 2011

Sunday Scene

I love this shot but didn't know I was being watched as well. The picture was taken on a cruise to America and Canada in 2004, so long ago I can't remember which country I was in at the time. Any suggestions?


  1. you didn't go up to Quebec did you, that sort of reminds me of there or the east coast of Canada, with the houses?


  2. ok, dont think it is NY as the traffic would kill a horse and buggy...but what a lovely way to ride...

  3. Brian, I saw some of these outside Central Park, that's how I got confused. It doesn't take much to block the memory these days.

  4. Gill, thanks for calling in at this blog and for finding the answer. Yes we did go to Quebec, and loved it. It's a place I'd really like to visit again.

  5. I was going to say the same thing as Gil - Quebec.

    However, it also reminds me of Society Hill, here in Philadelphia. We have horse and buggy rides like this too.

    GREAT shot, Valerie!

  6. Wow Val - I'm glad I finally found you. So enjoy your photos and words. I had trouble getting re-directed to this spot, but finally made it!

  7. Ron, I like the name Society Hill; do socialites live there, I wonder.
    Thanks for staying with me during the changeover.

    Mona, it's lovely to see you here. I'm sorry you had trouble switching. Hope all is resolved now.

  8. Haven't a clue where about the photo... seems carriage rides are still the thing
    in most tourist meccas.

    Had to click on previous comments to get to the comment block... am I the only
    one without a 'post a comment' link ??

  9. It is a beautiful shot. I like the horse and carriage shown on the street.


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