21 May 2011

Saturday's shopping expedition

I’ll go early I thought, that way I’m bound to get a parking space. I was right, got a decent one right by the shops. Ha, that meant I’d get back home early and could get stuck into the next item on my agenda, blogging.

First stop the opticians to have the new specs adjusted… a spot behind the right ear was really sore with the pressure. They were closed. Damn!

Moved on to the House of Fraser store to spend some loyalty vouchers. £30 I got plus a £5 voucher for my birthday. It was nice of them to remember me! It took twenty minutes to walk to the store. They too were closed. Damnation!

Okay, I didn’t dwell on it. Instead I walked another fifteen minutes to the next shop on my list: a newly opened Waitrose store. It’s an express version of their big store in the next district, something we’re delighted about because their range of food is rather upmarket. You know what? They were closed. Grrr!
I was beginning to wish I’d stayed in bed.

One store WAS open but it wasn’t one I normally patronise. However, thoroughly fed-up and needing to do something for the next three-quarters of an hour I went in for a mooch. Inside, there was just me and a guy in a suit wandering round the ladies section. Everywhere I went he seemed to pop up too. In the end he accosted me. Seeing a clipboard and pen at the ready I tried to avoid him but he was niftier on his feet than me so the suit won. Would I be interested in taking out insurance? Not on your life, I thought, as I tried moving on. The same procedure occurred about three times until in the end I had to be downright rude to get rid of him. It crossed my mind that he was the reason for the empty store! I did eventually get shut of him and made a hasty retreat out the exit door, the one I didn’t use to come in. I now had a much longer walk back to House of Fraser.

By this time all the stores were open. Amazing! Apparently I’d chosen a training day to shop. Hmmm in my youth training was always done before or after official opening hours, not during.

It ended happily though, my loyalty and birthday vouchers bought me two new summer tops, my specs were adjusted, and I bought two lovely pies, not from Waitrose as intended but from another newly opened shop. When I saw the name Piemaster I couldn’t resist the purchase. Piemaster do such a lovely range so when I saw Moo and Blue pies I just had to have them … with chips and salad.


  1. Thanks for the smiles, Val. And a Happy (belated) Birthday to you.

    Still grinning at this...

    'Would I be interested in taking out insurance? Not on your life, I thought'

  2. so were the pies good? how odd about the stores being closed...i hate those clip board people...ugh.

    happy belated bday as well!

  3. I usually just tell the suits (
    clad in shorts here in Florida ) that I am from out of state and they leave me alone.

    Tell me more about the pies...
    Moo & Blue.... bleu cheese perhaps ??

    Just a wake up til someone CELEBRATES....

  4. okay .. did blogger eat my comment.........

    pie info... what is a moo and blue ??

  5. I'm still smiling at your narrative. You put up with the guy longer that I would have! LOL. How were the pies by the way?

  6. OMG, don't you just LOVE pushy sales people?


    I would have ran too, Valerie!

    The Moo and Blue pies sound YUMMY! I've never experienced one before.

    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, dear lady!


  7. Glad to hear the stores eventually opened and you got what you went for Val. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you m'deario. x

    I just back back off holiday and am trying to catch up on the 400+ posts in my reader. :0

  8. That reminds me that I must take a pair of my specs back to be adjusted. They hurt the bridge of my nose something awful.

    Happy belated birthday x

  9. Hmm! I guess you should have done your blogging first, before going shopping. Glad you made out in the long run. That pie looked great! I also feel that training should be done before or after shop hours. That's just not right!

  10. I'm glad that it all eventually worked out! And I hope you enjoyed that pie. Happy belated birthday, my lovely friend :)


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