18 May 2011

Thursday Oz Shots

A couple of pictures taken in the Dandenongs area, not far from Melbourne, Australian

Strangest bird I ever saw!

This shot gives a good idea of the height of the trees. I wouldn't want to look up too often, I'd get a worse crick in the neck than the one I've already got.


  1. My neck already hurts , good thing I
    didn't have to look up in the photo..

  2. wow those are some huge that was a fun place to visit...

  3. LOVE the photo of the owl, Valerie!

    How cool!

    And OMG...those trees are HUGE! Like redwood forest in California!

    I've never been to Australia, but I hear such wonderful things about it from those who have visited.

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Have a great Thursday!


  4. I'd get dizzy looking up at that tree, two very enjoyable shots.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my postcard request Val. You're so kind to send some to my relative. He will be absolutely delighted as I think he was having a hard time getting people to send them to him, and then I asked if he would like me to put a request on my blog. Thanks again ever so, and have a great weekend.

  5. Love the bird! Those trees look reaallllly tall!

  6. It does look like a beautiful place Val......:-) Hugs


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