28 May 2011

Saturday Special

My Rough Patch


  1. how cool is that...a wild wishes for that...

  2. The video doesn't play, Valerie. When I try, it says "embedding disabled by request".

  3. Thanks, Brian. It's a project I've wanted to undertake for a long time. Fingers crossed it works!

    Sharon, I don't know why. I know videos are not shown in certain countries but you should have been able to see it. I checked the settings and they're okay. Other bloggers have viewed it so perhaps this is yet another Blogger incident.

  4. Good Morning Valerie!

    For some reason it won't allow me to view the video. "Embedding disabled by request."

    Oh well, I'm sure it was BEAUTIFUL!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!

  5. The situation has been rectified. Don't ask me how it happened but one of the settings on YT had changed. Not my fault, honest.

  6. Nice little video Valerie and a great idea, good luck with it. :)

  7. I can see it now, Valerie. No doubt you're right about it being yet another Blogger problem. It's one thing after another at the moment.

  8. What a nice video to share Valerie. I wish I could drop by and share some tea with you in the garden :)


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