10 February 2012

Book Review

‘She’d never gambled in her life, not with money. Money was something to be earned, saved, and carefully watched. But her fingers slipped into her pocket where the last of her crumpled bills seemed to pulse with heat against her skin. If not now, when? She asked herself with another bubbling giggle she could no longer quite control. What good was 9.37? It would buy her a meal, she told herself, gnawing on her lip. But then what?’


Well, she played and she hit the big one. 2 million dollars, and romance.

There are a variety of love stories in the book world but this one was a little different because it was so improbable. You win money and the heart of the guy who owns the Casino in Vegas. Who wouldn’t be happy in those circumstances? The glamour and richness lend themselves to the story. Reading it was like playing make-believe as a child. There was no real depth yet every time I picked up the book I was swept into a different world, and loving it.

Although Nora Roberts wrote the book in 1998 I have only just come across it. Her writing has ‘grown’ since then but I found this earlier work most acceptable. Nora has a terrific following. I too am a great fan because of her ability to write a variety of genre, would that I were as skilled. She is a terrific storyteller who writes with warmth, humour and emotion.


  1. I haven't read many of her books. By the way you described this book it does remind you of a fariy tale type of book.


  2. it is pretty cool to stumble along the books of some of the more established...and see them without the me hope you know...smiles.

  3. Great book review, Valerie!

    The way in which you described this story, it reminded me of the style of Danielle Steel (who I use read all the time, back in the mid to late 80's).

    I've seen Nora's name and books in Barnes & Noble, but have never picked one up to glance through it. Next time I'm in there, I will!

    Have a wonderful Saturday, dear lady!

  4. You're okay, Brian. I can't remember having read an 'early work' before. It was a nice experience.

    Ron, I haven't read a Danielle Steel book in ages. It's funny how we move away from authors, isn't it?

  5. I have read a few of her books years ago - don't remember which ones, however.

  6. I've seen her books around but never dipped into one. I will now - I sometimes really want an escapist book, and that's what this one sounds like.

  7. Looks like a very nice read, thanks for the review. Another one for my list :)

  8. Hi Jenny. The book was lighthearted enough to provide some escapism. Easy writing that doesn't require any effort to read.

  9. Can you believe that I haven't ventured into Nora Roberts' work yet? Your review compels me to take the plunge. Thanks Valerie!

  10. I like Nora Roberts,and have not read this. I don't know if I told you but, I finished Little Bee and enjoyed it immensly. Such tragedy and hope.

  11. Banker Chick. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed Little Bee. I loaned my copy to someone and wondered why she hadn't returned it. She had donated it to a charity shop. Oh well! I'm reading 'The Help' right now; it's good.


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