22 February 2012

Plantsbrook Park

Because it's a wet and dismal day I thought I would show some of last year's early spring pictures taken at Plantsbrook Local Nature Reserve. The area where I live has a number of beautiful parks and the locals take advantage of them all. I don't go so much since I stopped being a dog walker.

Plantsbrook is situated in a suburban housing area with extensive parkland nearby. A large proportion of the habitat is open water. The site lies on the Plantsbrook wildlife corridor and was developed in 1983 for people to experience and enjoy wildlife in an urban setting. It was declared a Local Nature Reserve 1991.

The Reserve comprises of a number of pools, surrounded by fringes of woodland, wetlands and a wildflower meadow, making it an oasis for its wildlife. There is something of interest to be seen at all times of the year. Visitors are able to walk the entire site along well surfaced paths and boardwalks.


  1. Beautiful shots of the area..
    and I love the lone bench.. one
    of my favorite photo ops.

    Misty rain here.. but can't complain it has been too dry and the chance of brush fires is high.

    Have a great weekend !!

  2. supposed to be 70 here today..looks like a wonderful place to walk val

  3. Some glorious reminders of Spring there. It is wet and grey here and I long for fine days.

  4. Valerie, these photos are all wonderful!

    What a peaceful and serene park this looks like.

    With the green lush foliage, it almost looks like summertime.

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Have a terrific Thursday!


  5. You live in a lovely area Valerie. :)

  6. It is indeed peaceful there, Ron, just the sounds of wildlife and the rustle of wind in the trees... sigh!

    Our weather bucked up during the day, Brian, although not nearly good enough...smiles.

  7. Thanks, Pearl. I know I'm very lucky to be surrounded by parkland.

  8. Oh how I enjoyed this wonderful walk with ya on this February day. I tell ya, I'm itchin' to get outside and get some dirt under my nails.

    God bless ya and have a terrific day!!! :o)

  9. Oh, we have snow as I type. Big fat fluffy flakes. So springtime shots are welcomed as I watch the swirling winter whites.

    What a lovely spot to spend the day...

  10. I search out places like this for my runs. Would rather be out in nature running trails than on a crowded sidewalk surrounded by traffic. Your pics really got me looking forward to running this weekend!


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