04 February 2012

Drinks going cheap!

Added to the 'buy one, get one free' offer on meals, the local pub is offering drinks on SALE. Can't be bad. What's the betting my usual glass of white wine isn't on sale price.


  1. hey i like sales...hoping your glass is...smiles...happy saturday val!

  2. Blessed Saturday to you, ma'am.

    And I'll hope that usual glass of wine is the bargain you hope for.

  3. "What's the betting my usual glass of white wine isn't on sale price."

    HA! Isn't that the truth, Valerie?

    Why is it whenever places have sales, the one thing you want to purchase is always the one thing that's not included??

    Great photos, btw! Love the color!

    Happy Saturday, dear lady!


  4. Doesn't this say an awful lot about the state of things, when a pub has to have a drink sale!

  5. Brian, it was a disappointment... no sale item for me. Perhaps I should change my wine preference.

    Ron, I was right ... and I hate being right about things like that. I got the meal for nothing though, at least I think mine was the free one haha.

    John, it sure does. It's disgraceful, don't you think?

  6. Val, whatever you do, don't buy anything with 'Panther' on the label.

  7. I saw whisky, Mister V. Should have tried it while I had the chance.

  8. Well maybe next time. Take it easy though. If you're not used to it don't drink more than two bottles at once.

  9. But to they put the prices up 1st ;-)

  10. since you will save on the other drinks , you can have an extra one with the savings..

    Salud !!!

  11. Hi Valerie - you bargain hunter you! :-)

  12. Giggling, Mister V.

    Hi Diane, yes, that's me.


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