02 February 2012

Val's Crafts

A few of things I did in my spare time!


  1. I have to say although I like everything you have made the crocheting is my favourite. The work you have put into all your items is remarkable.

    Gill in Canada

  2. you certainly know how to keep yourself busy creatively eh? smiles...lots of talent in this one...

  3. Wow - I'm impressed: You should open your own gift shop! Your work is varied and wonderful!

  4. You're very talented Valerie - you really should open a little Etsy shop with your crafts. :)

  5. Thanks Gill.

    Brian, I hate being idle. In fact, I don't know how to idle.

    Pearl, I might have done a few years back but not now. I used to sell stuff and the orders started to come in but in the end it was too much pressure.

  6. Okay, first, what an awesome video, Valerie!

    VERY nice!

    Second, not only are you a talented writer, but talented in so many other areas. Honestly, I am sooooooo impressed with these crafts!!!!

    Your crocheting is so beautiful! I had a grandmother who loved to crochet, and then she would place them over the backs of her chairs and sofa. Also, on her tables. Seeing yours reminded me of her. She was such a lovely lady.

    And I agree with should think about opening your own gift shop, or even an Etsy Shop online.

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Enjoyed!

    Happy weekend.....X

  7. Hi, Ron. Ooooh thank you. As I said to Pearl, I haven't the patience these days. Anyway, I am too busy doing other things, like writing. This afternoon I wrote a story about a Balcony. Hope you like it.

  8. Wow Val, you certainly have many talents! And luckily, the spare time to do such a wonderful assortment of crafts.
    I don't know how to crochet but would like to learn that or knitting.
    My mom did some type of cross stitch many years ago. While I'm thinking of it, I should go to the closet upstairs and get one out to admire.
    I decoupaged an old dresser that holds some of my craft supplies.
    I adore cardmaking, as you know.
    The photo of the bear wedding was absolutely adorable.

    Thanks, I enjoyed your video. I really want to learn how to do them! Any suggestions?

    Have a happy weekend!

  9. Hi CC. A dresser, that's a big project. Bet it looked really nice. My cross stitch was never good enough for the judges.

    If you have Windows on your pc you will find movie maker in Programmes. I played around with it until I fathomed it out. It is fun to make your own video. You can add music, too, but you have to be careful not to breach copyright.

  10. Glad I found your site again Valerie, I have now joined it so I will see your updates. For some reason I wasn't a member before. I love everything you have made - that is what I associate with the Womens Institute mind you!

  11. Hi Jenny. I learned a lot from the WI but some things I picked up myself. I learned how to crochet from a book bought in Wales. I bought it for someone else but then I broke my ankle and needed something to do whilst sitting for hours so I studied the art of crochet. The book came in very handy.

  12. You're a lady of many talents, Val. Wouldn't surprise me if you're a fine cook, too. Wouldn't surprise me at all. Not that I'm hinting, of course.

  13. Now that you mention it, Mr V. I served up minted lamb cutlets with roast potatoes and broccoli today. It was delicious. You should have said you were hungry....

  14. Holy cow......never a wasted moment, obviously. My goodness--the crochet work is phenomenal. And the paper lace is just too charming.

    I don't know if selling is the option for you, but certainly it makes gift giving very personal.
    Well done, you!

  15. In your spare time? Wow. You have oodles and oodles of talent, my fair lady, and I enjoyed seeing your creations. Take care.


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