07 February 2012

Violins at their best

Two versions of Saint-Saens Danse Macabre

Take your pick which to watch, the first shows how well the violinists play, and the second provides something to watch while listening to this haunting music.

First, the orchestra

and then the Disney cartoon version


  1. love the violins and the shortened version of this that I have heard in
    a few TV shows

  2. I love listening to violins. :)

  3. LOVED IT!! The cartoon version is wonderful.

  4. How lovely.

    Funny how much of the classical music I know is because of cartoons. :-)


  5. *thunderous applause*

    Well...I think you can imagine just how MUCH I enjoyed watching these videos, Valerie!!!!!!!

    They were faaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!!!

    What a stunning a piece of violin music! And it was so cool to watch BOTH, listening to the first one all by itself, and then watching the second one set to animation. That was brilliant!

    Thank you for sharing this today, dear lady. You made my morning!


  6. Oh boy, my server is as slow as a snail this morning and they are not loading up. I'll be back later to see as I love violin music.

  7. Akelamalu (Pearl), I do, too. They can be creeply and joyful, not many other instruments are as versatile.

    Pearl. Hi, thank you for visiting. I hadn't realised that cartoons used classical music.

    Hi Ron. I'm soooo pleased you liked it. I thought I would save you the trouble of searching YouTube. Was I right about the 'haunting'?

  8. smiles...i had seen the second...i love the violin...such a beautiful sound it has...

  9. The violin is probably my favorite instrument. Danse Macabre is amazing! I have loved it for many years. Even though I much prefer the orchestra version, I do have the arrangement for piano (Liszt) and that's quite good too.
    Both of those video were terrific, thanks for sharing them.

  10. Oh, how can you not enjoy that Disney animation?!

    What a lovely piece of music.....

  11. Oh man, I'm all over that Disney version. That's my kind of entertainment. Love that old, evil vibe from the home of the Happiest Place on Earth. Really makes me want to drive up to Disneyland and take a spin in the Haunted Mansion...

  12. Hi Crystal Chick. I too like the piano version. I remember my cousin playing at a concert and falling in love with it. The violins give the piece an edge though, a more haunting sound appropriate to the piece. They stirs my innards.

  13. Violins are my favorite. Thanks Valerie!


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