27 February 2012


Sorry there is no Monday Mirth today, I don't feel in a merry mood without my computer. Still a new one is being set up today by my computer expert so maybe I will be back to normal soon. Went visiting blogs earlier and could leave comments of a sort. Unforunately not on yours, Ron, Disqus would not allow me to post a comment ... doesn't recognise me without my IT hat on! Disqus allowed me to type something before clamming up on me, wasn't that unkind? Bye for now.


  1. Oh dear....well, a new one is fun! I'm sorry because I know how upside down I felt the last time I lost the 'puter.

    But new is fun! :-)

  2. I had the same problem on Ron's blog Valerie. It did eventually let me post a comment though. Hope everything goes well with your new computer. x

  3. Hope your new computer raises your mood. Hurry back.

  4. ugh...sorry issues suck...i hate them...almost as much as disqus...i always have trouble with it...but any way...i hope the new one does you well...

  5. Good luck with your computer problems. I'll be thinking of you. There's nothing "computer" errors.

  6. Sorry, Valerie:(

    Yes, sometimes Disqus DOES get a bit temperamental, so I apologize. And apparently from Akelamalu's comment, it happened to her today too.

    But I thank you for stopping by and trying to leave a comment.

    Hope everything goes well with getting your new computer set up. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

    Happy Monday, dear lady!


  7. It is tough when I have computer problems, it was especially bad on this trip to California, I didn"t have TV either, I was completly cut off from the world. Once Mr BC got here I was connected again.

  8. Man...I came here *specifically* for mirth, only to find a dearth of mirth. ;-)

  9. Hope the new computer is up and purring along in no time....
    send pics !!


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