20 April 2012

Book Review

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson,

written in 1988 and reprinted in 2004.

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer was a refreshing change to James Patterson’s various murder mysteries. The one thing I like about his books is the shortness of chapters and this being only a slim volume it didn’t take me long to read. When I read a book I restrict my time to morning and night, otherwise I would get nothing done in the day. While having breakfast and when I retire to bed, those are my special reading times. However, with the smallness of each chapter in this book I kept adding another, and then another, until the book was almost read.

Sam’s letters to Jennifer were actually different chapters of Sam’s life which she wanted to impart to her granddaughter. In them she reveals a huge secret which helps Jennifer to take charge of her own life. It is a surprising and hitherto unknown love story laced with sadness. I smiled a lot yet often had tears in my eyes whilst reading. It was deeply moving but to say more would spoil the story.

The setting is Lake Geneva which served to give the reader a sense of warmth and freedom. Imagine tumbling out of bed at early dawn and diving into the lake for a swim. What bliss!

As the blurb says ... ‘With a tantalising mystery entwining two deeply moving love stories, Sam’s Letters to Jennifer is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel that will enthral millions of readers worldwide.

Cosmopolitan described the book as ‘Skilfully put together’ whilst Times Metro quoted it as being ‘Compulsively readable’. Both are right but the best review came from The Times ... ‘Compulsively readable, a see-saw of hopes and fears that keeps the reader guessing right up to the last minute and then trumps expectations’.


  1. i really enjoyed this book when i read it...and i believe there is a sequel as well....

  2. Brian, I didn't knoe there was a sequel. Must check that out.

  3. Nice review... I will have to check it out....

    What a fantastic new header... !!

    Happy Weekend Val .!!

  4. Great review, Valerie. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a WONDERFUL book review, Valerie!

    Honestly, you could write these professionally!!!!

    And I'm the same way, I enjoy reading either early morning or late night. It's more peaceful then.

    Have a lovely weekend, dear lady!


  6. Thank you, Ron. Some people say our way of reading takes too long to get through a book; I disagree, I seem to fly through mine.

  7. Love this review Valerie, thank you.

  8. Mrs. Shife liked this one a lot and totally agrees with you. Have a good one, Val.

  9. I read this several years ago, but did not know there was a sequel.


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