05 April 2012

Furniture, but not my style

Since there's only me to feed right now, it makes sense to eat out. Think of the saving in electric, gas, washing up liquid and time. One of my pop in restaurants happens to be in a furniture store. It's top of the range with most things but on this visit I found little to interest me except the food. Still I had a look round, just in case. The top picture is the entrance to the store which I took on the way out... just to prove I am learning about switching html I popped it in where it should be.

As you can see, the settee above is in the foyer of the building. Normally there are two sets of tables and chairs big enough for a mansion ... the settee looks lost after being used to seeing the space filled.

I have a 3 piece suite in similar style but the cushions keep sliding out of position. Not good for bad backs.

Down the stairs to see some more

Only problem with this is that you need long legs to sit on it. If, like me, you only have little legs the strain on the back is awful.

Glass chairs? Well, no, but they fooled me at first

Ah the kitchen area. The table in the middle ...

... actually doubles as a sink

I'm wondering about that ... what if you had a smelly drain? And how do you stop water splashing all over the draining area? If you did have a spillage on one of those it would soon flow onto the floor. I have a modern sink in the laundry room and it's a nightmare if water splashes outside the sink. When we moved in to the present house I made sure I kept the old style stainless steel kitchen sink with proper drainers either side. There are no nightmares with that one. I guess manufacturers gear their products to people with dishwashers and washing machines. I have both but not everything goes into the dishwasher and not everything is machine washable.

Thought you might like to see this dining furniture. According to the notice it's the only one in the store. Sold as seen. I foresee it being there for a while. Which average customer would want a see-through table and highly ostentatious chairs in their three-up and three-down? Providing they could get it in, of course. Notice the legs, or 'support' or maybe upside-down legs? Whatever, even if I owned a palace this wouldn't be given house room. Heehe, if anything calls for a table cloth, this does.

I came away then, my system couldn't stand any more shocks.


  1. Val, you be careful when you're taking these pictures. I cringed when I saw the picture you'd taken looking down the stairs. And you with a twisted pelvis, too. I'm just glad the next picture you took wasn't one of an ambulance ceiling.

  2. what a weird table....they give out free cokes and popcorn at our furniture store...we go there to look often...smiles.

  3. Oh nonononono! *shudder* Not only would I not wanna ever have that table, I wouldn't ever wanna sit at it. LOL

    But I do like the starting photo!
    And I don't have some 'for looks mostly' sink at my table/island with stools. Ummmm.....I don't have an island with stools! I DO have a bitty square wood table for the two of us to take coffee at--cuz I can reach across and steal his cup when he's not looking, mostly. LOLOL

  4. Thanks for the laugh, Mister V. A picture of an ambulance roof would be different, you have to admit that. However, I won't tempt fate.

    Free cokes and popcorn, Brian? I need to know ... where is this place?

    Mel, you do make me laugh. Thank you. I had a thought about that table, at least sitting under it would enable me to keep an eye on things, nudge, nudge, wink.

  5. What a lovely-looking store, Valerie!

    I love the diversity in style that it offers.

    GREAT photos! You GO, girl!!!!!!

    And speaking of sinks, I have a pedestal sink in my bathroom and I hate it because it has no room around the edges to lay things on, like my shaving brush when I'm shaving in the morning. Thus, I keep dropping it on the floor!

    Have a super weekend, dear lady!

    And HAPPY EASTER to ya!


  6. I know exactly how you feel, Ron. i would hate it too. I wonder about designers sometimes.

  7. Lots of things to comment on in your post today Valerie. I also suffer with my back and can see where you mean the stylish chairs would hurt! These days I'm more comfortable in an upright sort of easy chair, sometimes with a cushion behind me as well. I'm no good at all on low chairs or settees with wide seats or low backs. Comfort over style every day.
    The dining table is hideous (in my opinion). However, style does vary a lot from country to country I found, when I went to America. Over there the furniture tends to be ginormous! and in the old colonial style of the south (which is where I go). I can't comment on styles in other parts of the U.S.
    I don't like glass anything - far too dangerous, especially with old people and young tots around!
    I agree about the island in the kitchen. I used to have a double drainer stainless steel sink unit here in this house until quite recently. Just try buying another one, they don't exist anymore! Now I have a double drainer wooden one, which is very nice, but I agree you do need the 'double'. I don't have a washing up machine. If I did I wouldn't use it because it would hurt my back to keep bending down to fill it and unfill it.
    Lovely pictures. I enjoyed walking round with you.

  8. I'm with you on the stainless steel kitchen sinks. We don't have a dishwasher. I am it! Thanks for your regular comments on my blog. It is greatly appreciated!

  9. Yup, don't think I'd like that table either. No clear glass to clean and polish for me!

  10. Star, these days I can't sit in any chair for long - it's a damn nuisance.

    Interesting to read about American furniture. I can't imagine any modern house being big enough to accommodate the over-the-top dining table and chairs.

    You're right about the st.steel sinks. They're just NOT available; that's why I keep the one I inherited with the house.


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