13 April 2012

Last shots from the garden centre

Moving from inside the garden centre building to the grounds outside

It was cold but the sun was shining so it was an ideal time to go and see the lake

Surprise, surprise, even the tree logs were budding

Youngsters feeding the ducks. A notice warned them to beware of trespassing on Canada Goose territory since there were young in nests and the parents might well have got a bit tetchy.

For me this is a must have ornament. It came in different styles but I liked this one the best. The rod holding the birds balances on a stem (forget what they call that) so that the birds sway in the wind. It just might be the answer to our invading squirrel problem...


  1. Great shots Valerie. We called into a garden centre in Shrewsbury on Monday coming home from a trip and saw a gorgeous water feature but as we were on a coach we couldn't buy it. We were so disappointed. We're going to our local garden centres sometime soon to see if they have a similar one.

  2. Pearl, I love water features. Hope you can get yours from another centre. And if you do perhaps you'll show us.

  3. Oh my.....I wanna go to your garden center--it has a pond and a bridge and fun things to DO.

    And wow....what a pretty setup inside AND out.

  4. very cool...we are going ot the market this am...and have a look see at the plants...

  5. Hey Mel, it has a bird house, too, with exotic birds flying around. Trouble is it's not easy to get pictures.

    Brian, good luck. Hope you get some good purchases.

  6. It's such an exciting time of year, I really enjoy seeing the growth of plants too!

    Thank you for the comment about my bike and being a free bird! I agree, it's giving me a feeling of a great year ahead!


  7. I'm envious of your garden center. It's more in bloom than over here in my end of the world. Hoping that in a month or two we'll have more greenery and flowers in full bloom!


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