26 April 2012


I bought this meercat screen wipe for a Christmas present and it's proved really great for cleaning computer screens, iPad and iPhone. I saw them in the local gift shop and fell for the meercat. He is so cute as well as being useful and he works better than any cleaning spray.
So when my friend acquired her iPad I told her about the meercat, adding that I would get a similar 'animal' for her.

The shop where I bought it were expecting new stocks which could take several weeks. I couldn't wait that long so I had a look at Amazon. They seem to sell anything and everything on there. Sure enough, they had the screen wipes in stock. I chose a pink poodle for my friend and it arrived three days later, delivered free because I didn't mind waiting. The price: £3.97.
Not a bad price. However, yesterday I went into the local shop to look for a special birthday card and noticed they'd had a delivery of the same screen wipes, only the price was ... wait for it ... six whole pounds dearer. Yes, now selling at £9.97. How on earth can they justify such a high price? Is it any wonder people are turning to Internet shopping. My friend has now ordered a similar screen wipe for her daughter; guess where from!


  1. do you did definitely compare the meerkat then!

    I have seen these in the shops, they look cuddly, are you sure they are for cleaning screens!!??

  2. Hi Martha. These screen wipes are both cuddly and useful; they clean iPad and computer screens BRILLIANTLY. The tummy is a sort of chamois material, right for the job. Made in China, of course.

  3. I still prefer to use the cat! OK she leaves a few hairs on the screen, but it gives her a purpose in life!

  4. It is not surprising that local shops do not survive when they try to mark items up so drastically but then on the other hand how do Amazon manage to sell items so cheaply?

  5. that is a cute screen wipe...not that cute though...smiles....scary how prices are jumping...

  6. I'm sayin'...I can purchase my 'name' brand salon shampoo and conditioner half the price I pay at a beauty supply store. Ya gotta love that Amazon!!!

    Cute computer wipe...I'm gonna look into it. I keep my screen spotless ( I know...I'm twisted) 'till one of Farm Boy's big sneezes! Heeeheheehe!

    Have yourself a perfectly blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!!

  7. Valerie, how cute is that!

    And it's ironic you posted about a screen wipe because I was thinking about getting something like this for my new computer monitor because it gets so dusty and dirty so quickly. I've been using plain water and a soft cloth to clean it, but it gets very smeary that way.

    Wow...and what a great bargain you got. Isn't it something how the price of things in retail stores just keep escalating?

    Happy Thursday dear lady!


  8. John, your poor cat. Wouldn't Sadie make a better job of cleaning the

    Cheshire Wife, I reckon Amazon bought at the proper price. Shops that pay rent and rates add extra for that plus making a profit.

    Brian, smiled at your comment.

    Ron, the screen wipes (made by Aromahome Ltd) are the best. They really work better than all the sprays.

  9. Fun! I might have to get one of those!

  10. Holy shoot! That's a cool idea. I wonder if they make a Godzilla model?

  11. Sweet screen wipe. Do those work on TVs too? The cleaner we have seems to leave the screen with more smudge marks than before. I will have to check them out on Amazon.

  12. I always look at Amazon first.


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