28 April 2012

Video, and an opinion

Making a video on the new Windows 7 is beyond me. I tried and was bitterly disappointed that the programme had been made so complicated. I used to fly through making them and was in total control of every move, but now.... well, see for yourself. It's an appalling mess at the end and I could not think how to remove the caption squares that I did NOT want. Why it all had to be changed is beyond me, especially when the original version of Live Windows Movie Maker was so straightforward and efficient.

The pictures aren't great but they were handy to practice with, and the music at the end runs on after they've finished ... all because I tried to remove the caption options. Oh well, better luck next time.


  1. It's so annoying when programmes change - for the worse!

  2. nice...that looks like a really cool place to walk...ugh on them changing things up only to make it worse....ha, guess we know that from blogger...

  3. Oh, now see I thought it was a very relaxing/calming walk through the park. And I love the duckies! (I'm a duckie fan.)

    I know zilch about video programs, so anyone who can even sortaKINDA make 'em work is a genius in my eyes.


  4. It certainly is, Pearl.

    Brian, in the process of trying to make things easier
    they do seem to make a process more difficult to edit.

    Mel, I would have provided you with ducky pics if I'd known.

  5. Valerie, I have to say (and I sincerely mean this) I think this video is GREAT!!!

    Love both the photographs AND the music!

    But I know what you mean about the new version of Live Windows Movie Maker because it's very different than the original version. However, I didn't really start using the Windows Movie Maker editor until last year, so it's all sorta new to me. In fact, when I first began making videos with my laptop video cam, I never even edited them (adding music and graphics). I would just make them and then upload them to You Tube 'as is.'

    Have a faaabulous Saturday, dear lady!


  6. I am with Mel, just the fact you can do it is amazing. It is frustrating when they change things to make them better. I upgraded yahoo mail not too long ago and started getting really ugly spammy messages in yahoo messenger (chat)that I never had to deal with before. It took me several months to figure out how to turn them off. I love how these things are suppose to make life easier.

  7. Hi Ron, thank you, you cheered me up. I don't use the lappy cam... I daren't...grins. I do like to string a few pictures together though and make them more interesting to view. With the new Windows Movie set-up it's not so easy to put the pics in the sequence I want. I'm sure I'll get it eventually but it's very off putting when they change familiar things.

    Banker Chick, oh I do so remember those 'chat' things. Like you, it took a while for me to fathom it all out.

  8. You are being too hard on yourself Val. That is a great video, a pleasure to watch.

  9. It's still nicely done, Vale. I HATE change, and it's usually not for the better!


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