14 October 2012

Sunday scenes

As a change from holiday views, here's a selection of recent pictures.

Seen in the car park, quite a display for a car's rear window.
Obviously someone likes dolls!
Little Dunnock waiting for us to top-up the birdbath.
Picture taken by our daughter
Enlargement of same!
Our first Labrador, Goldie,
sadly no longer with us
A neighbour's pretty garden
Squirrel in my garden, pinching the apples.
Picture also taken by daughter.
Tree outside my house


  1. What a nice selection. Your daughter is a good photographer of wildlife. I shudder to see the window full of dolls ... How dangerous to block the back window like that. Goldie looks as happy as only a dog can. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Valerie.

  2. Such a great photography done by ya daughter..loved it!!

    Hey! by the adding myself to ya followers..hope U don't mind..:)

    Have a great Weekend..:))


  3. Jenny, yes our daughter is good... she has a very good camera too. I must admit to being very surprised to see the dolls in the car window. Just had to take a picture!

    Hi Sam!! Thank you, and I'm pleased to have you on board.

  4. Lovely pics Valerie. I never realised that squirrels would eat apples, let alone carry one off. That little bird looks to have a growth on its beak.

  5. haha...the squirrel has an arm full....too many more dolls and they wont be able to see out that window either....sorry on goldie, looks like she was having a bit of fun that day...

  6. Our squirrels have a feast of black walnuts. Because of drought this year there will be just enough this year, we may only collect them to get them out of walkways. We have 5 trees.

  7. Good to be back blogging and catching up! Love your photos today, Val. That Squirrel has quite an armful!!

  8. Hi John, it does look like a growth on the dunnock's beak. The squirrel pinches all the apples... they're not as good as they look so we wouldn't want them anyway. We leave them all for the birds.

    Brian, yes, our Goldie was having fun. We still miss that dog.

    Hi Baker Chick, wow FIVE trees of black walnuts. That's a lot!

    Hi Mona, yes, the squirrel had a armful. I don't know how he could run and cart the apple at the same time. Nice to you back again.

  9. Valerie, these photos are absolutely smashing!

    What a diverse selection!

    Your daughter has a very good eye. WOW...the close-up of the bird is awesome! And you know me (Mr. Squirrel lover), the photo of the squirrel lifting the apple TOTALLY put a smile on my face. That photo is faaaaaaaaaaabulous!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing the smiles, dear lady!

    Happy Sunday to you....X

  10. Good afternoon Ron. I guessed you would like the squirrel. Didn't you think that apple was tooo big for him to carry? Heehee I reckon he had to have help knocking it off the tree. Happy Sunday to you, too.

  11. Great photos Valerie. Your neighbour's garden is lovely!

  12. Thanks, Pearl. I should have taken more pictures, the garden is very pretty.

  13. Great photos...

    I wonder how the car owner can see out the back window..... quite an ambitious squirrel making off with an apple.....

    Terrific selection for Sunday scenes...

    enjoy the remainder of the weekend !

  14. I really love dogs and sad to know that Goldie is no longer with you. The bird was captured brilliantly!

    That was a lot of dolls in the car window it could be mistaken as a headboard of a little girl's bed :)

  15. little squirrel, RUN!

    Oh, how adorable is that?!

  16. I have a personal theory which states: "The more junk somebody has in the rear window, the less they know how to drive". This idea has been holding true for me for many, many years now... ;-)

  17. Very nice photos Valerie, it's hard to pick a favorite as they are all so good, the car however I have to say is pushing their luck with the doll collection.

  18. You're right Jimmy, in my opinion filling the rear window is a really dangerous thing to do.

    Good theory, Herman. Never thought of it from that angle. Certainly common sense went out of the window in this case.

  19. Hi Lea, yes Goldie was a lovely dog and sadly missed. We had another Labrador afterwards, he was a great dog too.


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