28 October 2012

Sunday Scenes

Last shots taken in New York before they get removed from the computer. This was the holiday of a lifetime and one of the most enjoyable.

View from coach window

My favourite city scene

Going home


  1. ah of my fav much to see i find more each time i go....

    happy sunday val

  2. I agree with you, Brian, there is so much to see. I loved it there, the atmosphere was great.

  3. I love the scenes! Especially your favorite. It would even make a good header photo. :)

  4. We flew in and out of NYC two different times but we never left the airport. Some of the scenes from the plane look very familiar. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. You're right Lea, it would make a good header.

    Hi Larry, what a shame you couldn't leave the airport. I flew to Newark, quite a ride away from where I was going to stay.

  6. Valerie, glorious photos of my favorite city in the world!!!

    And yes, I can see why that photo is your favorite because it totally captures the essence of NYC!

    Love the last one too!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Happy Sunday!


  7. Hi Ron. I wasn't as keen on the last picture because we were sailing away from New York and as it happened never to return.

  8. Lovely shots--how beautiful was that sunset!

    Maybe another trek to NYC is in the future. It's captivating every journey, I hear.

  9. Never have I been to New York, the pictures are really great, yes I can see a couple as header pics for sure :)

  10. Very cool pics! Are you saying that you didn't make a backup of them? No...!

  11. Glad you enjoyed your holiday in New York. We're about 2-3 hours away. Surprisingly, we've only been there a few times.
    Nice photos!

  12. I'll give the header picture some thought, Jimmy.

    Hi Herman. Yes, the pictures are backed up on a remote hard drive and a flash pen and a disc. Because they have been shown on the blog umpteen times over the years they are being removed from computer to give me more room for others.

  13. That wa a great trip across the Atlantic.New York was great and so was the rest of the cruise to Bosston ,Bar Arbour ,Quebec.Newfoundland etc wondered where the pics got to !!

  14. Joe, the pictures have been on my computer since, when was it, 2004?


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