01 October 2012

Monday Mirth

A blonde ordered a pizza and the clerk asked if he should cut it in 6 or 12 pieces.
She said 'Only Six - I'd never manage to eat all 12 pieces.'

As a child, the wicked magician always wanted to saw people in half.
Was he an only child?
No, he had lots of half-brothers and sisters!

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Q. What steps do you take when a bear is chasing you?
A. Very big ones!


  1. Thanks for the laughs today Valerie. x

  2. a man? smiles....ha joan is awesome...happy monday val...hope you have a great week!

  3. Thanks Brian, Joan always makes me laugh. Hope your week provides plenty of smiles.

  4. I know my Monday's start with a smile every time I come here.

    Joan made me giggle with her one liners she kept tossing out there....

  5. I love coming here on a Monday morning and I leave with a big smile on my face. As I am not really a morning person, that's hard to do! Thanks Valerie!

  6. Valerie, this post is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

    "No, he had lots of half-brothers and sisters!


    And I adored the Joan Rivers clip! She cracks me up! Last year I watch her documentary called, "A Piece Of Work." If you ever get the chance to see it, I think you would LOVE it!

    Thanks for the awesome Monday Mirth!

    Have a super Monday.....X

  7. Ron, I hadn't heard of the Joan Rivers documentary. I will certainly look out for it. Glad you enjoyed this clip of her in action.

  8. That's a great way to start a month -- full of laughter! :)

    Thank you so much Valerie. Your humor is a blessing and you can put it on a post like this and on your stories which I always love reading.

  9. Hi Lea, I agree that we should start weeks and months with a good laugh. It must be awful being serious the whole time.

  10. A good collection this week, Valerie. Thank you!

  11. Lovely funnies today Valerie. Thank you for those.

  12. "Q. What steps do you take when a bear is chasing you?
    A. Very big ones!"

    Soooo true! This was the thought going through my mind as I ran up Mt. Whitney a couple of weeks ago. Bears are known to roam the area, and I didn't want to wind up as a snack! Heh....

  13. In clean white coats to take me away, yes I remember working Ha Ha

  14. Hey, Jimmy, so do I... grins.

    Hi Herman. Climbing AND facing bears... oh my, now that IS dangerous.

  15. These days m not so regular because of some personal engagements but always try to come here and read your fabs..leaving with a big smile :) your post..have a great week..

  16. Hi Ranita, thank you. Don't worry about it. I'm pleased to see you any time, YOUR time. Hope you are well.

  17. These were great this week, Val! I'm not a big fan of Joan Rivers, but she had me laughing!


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