18 November 2012

Sunday Scenes

 Random Italian Shots
Trulli Houses in Apulia, made from dry stone, all with a conical roof
On the way down to the lake
Ah, the Italian Wine!


  1. all the history....and stonework...and plants....yep, i wanna go...smiles....hope you have a great sunday val

  2. Oh lovely shots Valerie! They've made me feel all summeryfied! :)

  3. Interesting set of photos, Val. Ah-ha - how was "that" wine??

  4. can you NOT love that photo of the wines? And the stoneworks are phenomenal. Oh what lovely pieces of an obviously grand time.

  5. Hi Brian, Italy is my favourite country, next to yours of course...grins

    Thanks,Pearl. I thought it was time to show a bit of warmth :O)

    Mona, the wine was fabulous, as ever. Brought some home for the neighbours.

    Yes, Mel, we did have a grand time there.

  6. So characteristically Italian. Looks beautiful. Italy is a country I'm yet to visit.

  7. Nice cave to the lake. There's a little-known 200 yard tunnel that starts in the basement of a store and winds up in a cavern next to the sea. It's always fun to take visitors there!

  8. Those pictures paint a thousand words, Valerie. If ever you will visit Italy again, I hope we can meet. Our stay there will be until October next year. I love your photos. The one going down the lake is really awesome. Where in Italy is that?

  9. Hi Lea, I'm glad you asked. I checked with hubs (my memory not being so good) and the place you asked about was seen on a visit to one of the Greek Islands in the Adriatic, known as Kefalonia. It was where they filled Captain Morelli's Mandalin.... or whatever the name was. Sorry to mislead you.

    Hi Herman, it would be fun to be one of the visitors to that cavern.


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