29 November 2012


Yes, we’ve come to the end of the decorating, lounge, kitchen, hall and porch are now finished. Throughout it all I felt as if I was living in a municipal tip. Nothing was where it should be. I couldn’t find anything that was urgently needed ... when I wanted certain items I wanted them there and then, not in the middle of next week. Duh! It was all very frustrating.  And I was hell to live with. Nothing was right for me ... I’m lucky Joe didn’t chuck me out.

First to be done was the lounge, which meant finding a home for everything except the bigger furniture. That was uneventful as it turned out; putting it all back was the biggest hassle. I mean, we just aren’t experienced picture hangers and ornaments just didn’t look right in their usual places. Time for a rethink and a change!

We liked the spaced out leaves on this paper.
Picture is 3D decoupage, angels cut out from giftwrap. 
After a week’s grace, the guy returned to start on the kitchen. Oh Wow! Most of the counter top stuff ended up in my office, complete with all the cups and kettles needed to keep the decorator (and us) going, plus plates to eat off. As it turned out we only had to eat off the plates on the first day... the rest of the time we went out for a pub lunch. It felt like Saturday everyday!

Kitchen wallpaper.
Picture will be described on future post.
Weighing it all up I’m not sure which bit of redecoration was the most inconvenient. Even the hall, which isn’t exactly littered with stuff, was a problem. There are so many doors, you see; rooms leading off plus a cloakroom made nine doors ... and you can bet your bottom dollar there was always some reason to go in every room. I bet the decorator was fed-up as well. I learned a new way of walking, arms hugged in front, skirts tucked between the knees, the only way I knew to avoid all that wet paint.

Hall paper.
Preserved leaves have since been removed!
It all looks very clean and fresh and for that I am truly grateful.

I didn’t realise I had so much stuff but, hey, what a perfect time to replace or dispose of things we’ve had for years. I’m one of those people who likes everything to hand when cooking, consequently there is a considerable amount of gadgets and utensils within easy reach that can also be classed as decoration. Well, not any more. I made a vow NOT to arrange pretty biscuit tins on the tops of cupboards, NOT to litter the lovely windowsill with ornaments and plants, NOT to hang flower baskets, or ornamental fruits, or strings of imitation onions. Hmmm the next decorating job should be a doddle if I manage to keep all those vows. Help, what am I saying ... WHAT decorating job! OVER MY DEAD BODY! 


  1. feels so good to get an least for now...ha....decorating can so turn your world upside down and make it feel chaotic all day.....very cool to be done, and on cleaning out a bit as well ...def a good excuse for that...

  2. Okay--I'm liking the dimensional wall papers.
    And I'm liking the concept of clearing everything off and going back to minimal.

    *laughing* Lemme know how that works for ya.

  3. Brian, it was three weeks of chaos. I was nearly demented...grins.

    Mel, I will let you know... it's all a matter of mind over matter.... honestly; hmm trouble is I forget quickly.

  4. Valerie, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the wallpaper you chose - both the kitchen AND the hallway. FAB-U-LOUS!

    You're right, the paper in the hallway gives such a clean, crisp, and fresh look. VERY nice!

    You've great taste in decorating, dear lady!

    *two thumbs up*

    Have a FABU Thursday!


  5. Eight years ago we had a brand new kitchen installed, then revamped the dining room, then the lounge didn't look right so we totally revamped that too! I was tearing my hair out until it was all finished but it was worth it. :)

  6. Stay strong to your convictions! I love the style, and would think that clutter would do nothing but ruin the vibe you're building. So far it looks fantastic!

  7. Hi Valerie, the 3D angels are a brilliant idea. I also love the wallpapers. I agree, they look so fresh and clean. So "light" to look at :)

  8. Oooh Ron, good to see you and thank you for popping in so soon after returning home. I'm not sure which paper I like best, equal standing I guess.

    Hi Pearl. I didn't mind decorating at one time, but now.... it's definitely upsetting.

    Lea, glad you liked the angels. I've done quite a few decoupage pictures, all shown on earlier posts so I won't show them again.

    Hi Herman, thank you. I hope I can stick to my resolution not to clutter.

  9. Wonderful re-decorating job! I like that wallpaper too!

  10. It all looks good to me. If you do get the decorating bug let me know because we have a few rooms that need some help. Hope you have a great weekend. Take care Val.


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