25 November 2012

Sunday Scenes from Vigo

This is Vigo

Peaceful, warm and, yes, wonderful
Shot taken from the coach
Don't ask ... it's just a passing shot!
This and the following are shots from the coach.

And, of course. the inevitable crane ... there's always one!


  1. You got some great shots from the coach - not an easy thing to do. :)

  2. i rather like that horse statue....pretty cool....all the more reason to keep your eyes open as you are driving...

  3. Not easy, Pearl, and not very good either :O)

    Brian, I could never take a picture whilst driving, only if someone else is.... smiles.

  4. Wow....that last shot made me shudder--wonder what's in the barrow.

    I can never get anything from a moving vehicle. You managed very nicely. And thanks for clarifying that you weren't the one doing the driving. LOL

  5. Nice shots.. and glad you were not driving..
    I have to admit I do that occasionally ... not a good idea......

  6. Interesting shots "from the coach". LOVE the horses though.

  7. That's quite the horse statue! I'm guessing you were on a bus and not snapping pictures while driving? Heh...

  8. Nice shots, Valerie. The first one is indeed a peaceful scenery. How relaxing it is just to look at it. The horses and the tree taken from the coach are my favorites. But I need to mention that Burger King ad on the 5th picture. I just remember commenting on the Burger King I saw on one of your Sunday Scenes on a past post. :)

    I love this collection, diverse and simply beautiful.

  9. Thanks Lea. Burger King gets everywhere although I may well have posted that picture twice. Now you know why I am deleting them from the computer.... but they are still on the remote hard drive for private viewing.


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