22 October 2013

More News from Home

It’s the unexpected things that make you want to scream, cry, or rejoice!

We had a call from the consultant to say that Joe's kidney has improved sufficiently for a second option to be reconsidered. He now has to see the radiologist with a view to having chemotherapy and THEN surgery. So it could be that the planned surgery on 7 November will not take place. Joe will have a decision to make.

There have been two hospital visits since the last update. Different hospitals, of course! One was for a blood test, the result of which probably led to the change of opinion mentioned above and the other to check Joe’s respiratory condition ... too often referred to as the treadmill or wired for sound!

I took a couple of photos of him wired up and wearing a mask while riding a stationary bike but I promised I wouldn’t send the pics round the world. He had to cycle for about ten minutes while his heartbeats, oxygen levels, and blood flow were all recorded on computer. He did really well; I couldn’t have done half the time and still look as fresh as he did. His only complaint was that his thighs ached... can’t think why, can you? At the end of it all they said everything was fine. At least that's something positive. 

Saturday we went for our flu injections at the local surgery. What with one thing and another I’d been rushed off my feet and could have done without being jabbed with a needle. On arrival we faced a long queue of people being herded to various sections by a dishy young lady. No wonder the men had smiles on their faces! I noticed she had a handful of leaflets but when I overheard her ask someone if they were born before 1940 I panicked. Whatever service she was ‘selling’ I didn’t want to know. I mean, haven’t we got enough health issues to contend with without worrying about more? When the young lady came to me I was ready for her. After learning that people born at a certain time were being given the opportunity of having a pulse check, I declined. ‘No thanks,’ I said. ‘I’ve got enough to cope with without you discovering something wrong with me.’ She laughed!

When it was our turn to face the needle we sailed into the nurses room, coats off and arms bared. That was when I saw HER waiting for me. WHO? None other than that fabulous Asian lady doctor who was so helpful to us before... Dr Begum (the emergency doctor mentioned in a previous post). She wasn’t just helpful in manner but she actually got him to hospital in double quick time. Afterwards she rang our home number a couple of times to find out how he was and to offer her services above the call of duty. I loved that woman then and I love her even more now. As doctors go she’s the tops. I would feel safe in her hands.

Anyway, there she stood in the nurses room, needle at the ready, greeting me like a long lost friend. Perhaps I was! She went across the room to talk to Joe and checked that he was okay and then came back to do her bit with the needle. Except first she grabbed my pulse and did what I’d refused to have done ... a pulse check ... without even asking when I was born! We had a laugh about that and guess what ... my pulse rate was fine. Her parting shot was a request that if we needed to know anything, anything at all, we were to ring her. Did I say I love that woman?

Joe’s Birthday on Sunday was going to be a family affair but with all the to’ing and fro’ing between hospitals he decided a quiet meal for two would be sufficient. The comment ‘hope you got me a cake’ threw me into a panic because I hadn’t even thought of a cake. Since I am not a baking cakes type of person I had no alternative but to race out on Saturday morning to buy a ready-made.

We went to the New Hall, my favourite place, one that’s perfect for celebrations. Here’s a few pictures.

Roast Lamb
Fillet of Pork

The new cleaning lady, Paola, is settling in so well I wonder how I ever managed without her. She has her own agenda ... she tells me what needs to be done. Currently she is cleaning the windows, one a week until they’re all done. I even caught her cleaning the light fitting the other day. Oh I do envy her energy. She’s only here 1.5 hours a week.... it would take me longer than that deciding what to do. Of course, that’s not totally true but it feels like it sometimes.

On line shopping was going great until one delivery came minus one item. It wasn’t a terribly expensive item but it still irks when you have to pay for something not received. How to deal with it was a mystery until I remembered that the store is on Twitter. I typed a message to the effect that although two items were ordered only one had been received and a minute later received a reply asking that I send a direct message with details of item and phone number. That done, I waited all of thirty seconds for a reply. I was given a code number and told to enter it on the next order. It’s what they call an e-voucher. No problem, then, all done and matter resolved. I have to say that with the new style assistance at the cash-out and the way they deal with customers on line this supermarket is top of the list as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, how about this for a bit of crazy driving... speedy version ‘cause I guess you haven’t got four minutes to waste:

How not to leave a car park


  1. ha. she is not alone in not knowing how to drive....sounds like i would def be sticking around that doc, she's a good one...birthday dinner sounds good as well....i am not a fan of needles....

  2. Nice to hear Joe has had some good news! Your Dr. Begum sounds absolutely lovely. It's great when you find a doctor you like and can trust isn't it, that's how I feel about my doctor too. x

  3. Good news about Joe! Yeah!

    As far as the cleaning woman goes, any little bit helps!

    I'm glad you found a doctor that you trust and are happy with!

  4. Valerie, what GREAT news about Joe!


    You GO, Joe!

    Love the photos you shared of the two of you having dinner. That shot of the two of you sitting at the table with the stained-glass window behind you is just beautiful! And I love how it looks as though you and Joe had a private table. And the your meals looked scrumptious!

    And I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that you love your doctor and that she is so conscious and on top of things. That is so rare.

    LOVED the video clip! I kept thinking she was going to hit one of those other cars around her.

    Great catch up post, dear lady! Enjoyed!


  5. Hi all.... I'm sorry I didn't make it clear about the Dr Begum... she was an emergency doctor, unfortunately (as far as I'm concerned) not our usual one. Sorry for the misleading information.

  6. Brian, I wish I could stick with Dr Begum instead of our regular doctor. She's more experienced for a start!

    Pat, I agree with you that every little helps.

    Ron, the table was in an alcove so it was more or less private. I'm so sorry that I misled you folk about the doctor. I put an amendment comment!

    Mona, I agree about the video clip. I just had to post it :O)

  7. Joe looks quite fit and healthy in his birthday pictures. Glad the surgery might be off. Dr Boozer was our angel when we lived in CA...I do miss her. That must be a new driver.

  8. Great news about Joe! And it looks like a good time was had at the restaurant. That meal really puts my dinner tonight of pot stickers to shame. Heh...

    And you beat me to the punch with that video. That's both funny and sad. ;-)

  9. Happy birthday to himself again. I'm hoping he feels as dapper as he looks. I'll hope for him the luxury to choose, though I'm sure it doesn't quite feel like a luxury. And what a lovely, quiet meal it looks like you both had. Those pea pods look yummy. LOL. I'm a veggie kinda gal, what can I say! I'm glad the cleaning gal is working out so well and that the experience with online grocery shopping is a positive one. Both things are invaluable while you're running hither and yon with all the other stuff that's been tossed on your plate. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for more good news!!

  10. Hi Mel, as usual I smiled a lot as I read your comment. You sure know how to make me feel good. Thank you so much.

    Herman, yes the restaurant is a good one, part of a very, very old hotel, built in 13th century. Hubby thinks the video was a put-up job, which kind of spoils the fun, don't you think?

  11. I'm glad you've got a doctor who you trust - what a difference it makes!

    Glad Joe had some better news; as for the choice, sometimes it helps to do some online research of statistics and papers, which can help make an informed decision about what is best to do.

    I'm glad you and Joe had a nice birthday celebration! And as for the driver - are we SURE it was a girl? (Whether it was or not, I am afraid I rather empathise.

  12. Hi Jennie. Thanks for your lovely comment. You made a good point about the sex of the car driver... I looked at the video again and couldn't be sure. We only have the word of the video-maker!

  13. So wonderful that you got to see that good doctor again. Glad the cleaning woman is working out so well. Oh, how I could use a little help here this week. The dust bunnies are multiplying!
    Looks like a lovely birthday celebration.

  14. Hi Mary, those dust bunnies get everywhere, don't they? Thank you so much for all your comments, both here and on other posts. I did enjoy reading them.


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