29 October 2013

Another book sold... and other matters.

I’ve sold another book. Yeah! At this rate I might have to get more printed! Okay, it was only Feline Capers, the smallest of the lot, but it’s still a sale. The TG Chairman had been told that I’d written something about cats and was eager to make a purchase for a relative’s birthday. The relative is apparently mad keen on cats. Actually I thought it was daring to buy something she hadn’t seen but who am I to quibble?

It’s not long to stepdaughter’s wedding  ... 3rd November ... in Australia. It’s very sad that illness prevents her father going to the wedding. Thankfully one of her English friends will be there and we will, of course, be there in spirit. I’m thankful that the whole affair is to be video’d so we can at least see the whole affair. We have sent our respective speeches and Rosanne has promised not to open them until the day. Hopefully someone will read them for us. It’s not usual custom for a stepmother to prepare a speech but there was so much I wanted to say to her on her big day. Nice stuff, mushy in parts, but generally letting her know how much I care and how proud I am to be her stepmom.

Joe went for an MRI scan and dozed off in the tube! He was told that under no circumstances was he to move so I guess nodding off was the best idea. He’s very brave. And now it’s gone quiet. One minute life is like a helter-skelter with unexpected and unplanned twists and turns, and then we hit a lull while we wait for a letter or phone call to tell us what the next step is. We’re getting through it okay, although Joe is beginning to feel housebound. Maybe I should hire a troupe of dancing girls to cheer him up. 

I’ve only had to miss a few engagements (willingly) so it’s not the end of the world. Since I couldn’t attend the WI Federation’s Annual Council Meeting I was reimbursed for the lunch I didn’t have, but there was no need to reimburse me for anything at the local WI’s AGM. I’m only a dual member there so it wasn’t important. I must try to attend the AGM at my own WI since that one has priority; however it’s not until the second week in November so there’s time yet to think about it. However, I did make the lunch with some TG members ... a casual affair at the local pub.

Prince George was christened on 23 October and on that day we attended the funeral of a neighbour. We’ll always be reminded of both occasions simply because of the date. Our neighbour, Mary, had a fall and was admitted to hospital with a broken femur. She was doing well and due to come home when she suddenly went into relapse and died. She was 93 years of age and leaves Bill, her husband aged 97. They have a good family who visit daily and we keep an eye on things from our house. Of all the neighbours in the road they made the most contact with us ... two of the most cheerful pensioners I know.

Ending this with a few animal gifs. Hope you all have a good week and don’t overdo the Halloween celebrations. 


  1. ha. cute animal vids...the pouncing cat giving a all i have to do is get sick to get a dance troupe? smiles. i wish him the best and i hope the wedding goes off well...i know he would love to be there...

  2. Great animal clips. Roll on the dancing girls! You really are looking after me!! Wonderful Wife.

  3. I wish you both well. There's so many different ups and downs in life, isn't there? Those mini action clips of the animals are priceless!

  4. "I’ve sold another book. Yeah! At this rate I might have to get more printed!"

    *thunderous applause*

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! You GO, Valerie! I am soooooo happy and excited for you!!

    " The relative is apparently mad keen on cats. Actually I thought it was daring to buy something she hadn’t seen but who am I to quibble?"

    I had a feeling that book would be very popular because of all us cat-lovers out there! Plus, the book is AWESOME!

    Glad to hear you and Joe are getting through this okay. Actually, I think the two of you are doing beyond okay. Your outlook and attitude about all this has been so admirable. You're taking one day at a time and going with the flow. Good for you!

    Love the gifs! My favorites are the second and last one. Precious!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear lady!


  5. Such a shame you and Joe can't attend the wedding but I'm sure your stepdaughter will appreciate you sending the speeches.

    Well done on the book sale!

    Fingers crossed that Joe's MRI scan results are good. x

  6. Keep those books selling. I am glad it is quiet and hope things keep improving for you both. Love the animal videos.

  7. Brian, my guess is that you'd rather stay well... smiles.

    Joe... I was kiddin'!

    Ron, thank you *curtsying* and thank you for your encouraging comment. Some days it doesn't feel like we're getting anywhere. I liked the gifs too, I might hunt out some more.

  8. Pearl, definitely keeping fingers crossed x

    Larry, thank you. Yes, I pray for improvement all the time.

  9. Congratulations on the book sale. I am keeping good thoughts out for Joe to have a good report.

  10. Your step daughter knows you are there in spirit! What a wonderful idea to pay for the video AND send along speeches!

    I'm glad Joe fell asleep during the MRI - those are NOT fun!

    Love the animals!

  11. Congratulations on the book sale Valerie, always exciting. You and Jo are real troopers and I echo all the good thoughts and things said from your other commenters. Lovely gifs at the end too.

  12. Aww...that's the way to wind up a post. So many feels! :-)

    It's a shame you guys are so far away. Otherwise you could count on Karin and me to help you cheer up Joe. But we're glad to hear how well he's doing.

  13. Talk about patient puppies…I'd knock 'em on their arse and be done with it. LOL. Can ya tell I'm not a cat person? ;-)
    Oh, and don't ya just love the "hurry up and wait" deal!?! It's not like the 2 of you couldn't use the break, but sheeessshhh--that's the kinda stuff that makes me nutz!
    I must confess, I was all sorts of happy about you getting Joe some dancing women for being such a trooper with all this crapolla he's had to contend with...and THEN I thought about the potential risks to his overall wellbeing and WOW was I grateful you thought about that too. :-/
    He'll get over it. LOL. (C'mon, the man SLEPT through an could always tell him it happened and he slept through that one too!) Just sayin... ;-)

  14. Oh Mel, I'm grinning over your comment, especially the bit about the dancing girls. Guess that's my smiles for the day... fankoooo.... grins.

  15. Herman, maybe we should move and take advantage of your kindness... smiles.

  16. First of all, congratulations on your book sale. And also wish your daughter lots of happiness. I loved the clips. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


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