14 October 2013

Is it or isn't it?

Has anyone else received an email like the following, or is this just another scam?

In compliance with the email upgrade instructions from Microsoft Corporation and your email domain host, all unverified email accounts would be suspended for verification.
To avoid suspension of your email account, and also to retain all email contents, please perform a one time automatic verification by completing the online verification form.
Please CLICK HERE for the online verification form.
As a confirmation of complete and successful verification, you shall be automatically redirected to your email web page.
Please do this for all your email accounts.
Thank you.

Email Support Team.
© 2013 Microsoft Corporation.

The CLICK HERE instruction was an official looking form asking for email information. 

I do have several email accounts and a frequent check is made on them all as to who I am. I'm quite satisfied with that but I would be grateful for your comments on this latest so-called enquiry.


  1. I haven't received anything like that but my initial reaction is it's a scam. If in doubt delete it is my advice. x

  2. I haven't received anything like that but my initial reaction is it's a scam. If in doubt delete it is my advice. x

  3. Doesn't look legit to me Val, I think this is a scam but not sure. haven't received one like this.

  4. Hi Pearl. I've never received anything so official looking before. I think you're right about it being a scam.

    Geraldine, I don't know what possesses people to send scams, if indeed that is what it is.

  5. No Valerie, I have never received an email such as this one.

    As Pearl shared, it sounds like a scam of some kind, so I would ignore and delete it. Just to be safe.

    I get other emails though (from Skype) which I closed my account with them YEARS ago, asking for information, which I just delete. There is something very fishy about Skype. I don't trust it.

    Happy Monday, dear lady!


  6. Ron, these things worry me especially when they look so official. Now that is interesting about Skype, my stepdaughter uses it a lot so I thought it must be quite safe. Honestly, it's difficult knowing who or what to trust these days. Thanks for passing this on.


    Listen to what they're telling you and don't do it Valerie!! You were wise to question it.
    Darn identity thieves show up everywhere. Boogers!!

  8. I would say it was a scam Valerie. Beware!

  9. Definitely a scam. I've even gotten phone calls telling me that my computer is in danger of crashing, and to do the following, etc. I called Microsoft, who told me it definitely was a scam.

    The call came from India.

  10. I never respond to those kinds of things. If you click on a link - it could be disastrous.

  11. Haven't received this....
    I would not respond unless there
    was a comment from the Host when
    I logged into an account.


  12. don't click on it...
    i think it is a scam...
    and you probably will pick up a virus...
    not good...

  13. This is a good example of pfishing. Don't do it.

  14. Sounds fishy to me Valerie, I'd delete immediately. I also get official looking forms asking for me to give out personal details like passwords, etc. Definitely ignore these I do. I don't know what information those people ask on their forms but I wouldn't even open them, just in case.

  15. It is definitely fraud. We are even getting them at our school. They want to bounce material through your site or steal you info to use if for fraudulent things including theft.

  16. Never, never, never, ever, ever, EVER click on links you receive in e-mail. You're just asking to be infected by a virus. Unless it's from a source you trust, don't click on these links! Yikes!

  17. Mel, thank you for the link. I am about to forward the email on, as you suggest. Hope I don't get anymore of these damn things.

    Susan, we've had those phone calls too. In our case they came before before our computers were connected to a phone line!

  18. Herman, thank you. I promise you that I never do click on links. Not ever!

    Larry, thanks for your advice. Trouble is we don't know what sort of material they can leave, even when we don't click on links. That's the worrying bit.

    Denise, I am heeding all the advice given by you and our other friends.

    Brian, trouble is the average PC user doesn't know what the virus is until it hits us.


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