13 October 2013

Sunday Scenes

Stop lights gave me time to drool over this sports car!
It's not often we get a decent sunrise so I took the opportunity of getting out there with camera!
Profiteroles to die for!
Room with a view. We went out for a meal recently and this was the view on a rainy day. There were three 40th anniversary parties going on while we were at the restaurant so I took a few pictures. It wasn't a great success except for the next random shot. I didn't know I was getting a view through the mirror. 
Now wondering what they were getting up to!

A cluster of fungi on the lawn.
It reminds me of something horses leave


  1. ha it does look a little like horse poop....and the angle of your shot makes it looks like they are seeking amorous attention...ha

  2. I LOVE this post, Valerie. I'm amazed at how you hang on to your sense of humor despite all that's going on with you and Joe. How is he, by the way? Love that sky shot with the tree - nice! Had to smile at the fungi (horse dumplings) shot.

  3. ROFL
    Oh my......lovely fungi. LOL

    Cute little number at the stop light, by the way. Next time, jump outta the car, knock on their window and ask for a ride! k..maybe not. LOL

    More than anything that profiterole was enough to make me want to change ANY plan for breakfast unless it contains ice cream and chocolate. :-)

  4. Valerie, what a super array of photos!

    What a faaaaaabulous-looking sports car indeed! And I love the look of your licenses plates in Europe.

    Stunning capture of the sunrise. WOW!

    Okay, and I'm drooling over the photo of the profiteroles. TO DIE FOR!

    "Now wondering what they were getting up to!"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I looks like they're either telling each a secret or getting ready to KISS one another!

    Happy Sunday, dear lady! Thanks for sharing the delightful photographs!


  5. Brian, that's what I thought when I saw the mirror view and you know what they say ... a camera never lies... smiles.

    Mona, I will reveal all on Tuesday...not literally, of course... grins.

    Mel, jumping out of the car isn't my scene... mind you I've never tried it so how do I know?

    Ron, I always think our licence are very ordinary compared to some countries. Glad you liked the sunrise, we don't get to see too many where we live ... too many trees and things in the way.

  6. Mmmm I want that desert now. Love profiteroles.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. There's fungi sprouting up all over here after the recent rains. It's funny to watch Tyler poke at 'em and want to know all about mushrooms. That kid's inquisitive, that's for sure! Heh...

  8. Mersad, so do I, although there were a few too many in that tall glass.

    Herman, it's good that Tyler is curious. He would have had great fun poking my little lot... grins.

  9. Although I'm not much of a dessert fan, THAT one looked great. Fun post Val. Not fungi!!! ;<)

  10. Geraldine, definitely not fungi...grins.

  11. Hi Valerie,
    As always, a wonderful assortment of photos! I've missed stopping by, hoping to catch up now.

  12. Great to see you, Mary. You were missed!


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