15 October 2013

Fresh news, oh and a bit about dogs

At the last WI meeting I sold one each of my eight books. How’s that for excitement. The two smallest, the cat and dog tales, were sold at auction but the auctioneer didn’t want any more. ‘People won’t be interested in books,’ was the remark made to me, so I sold them privately and kept the money. That’ll teach them!

Talking of dogs, one of my blogging friends recently related an incident about a guy who suspected that his canine pal was spiritually inclined. It reminded me of my own suspicion based on past events.
Many years ago whilst out walking with Goldie, our first Labrador, a funeral procession approached the road where we walked. I didn’t know what caused it but something made Goldie freeze on the spot. His fur quite literally stood on end. No matter what I did he would NOT budge. Then the procession appeared, the hearse and a line of cars driving slowly towards us. Goldie seemed to be paralysed but the minute the hearse moved away he relaxed and started to walk on, as if nothing had happened.

A few years later our second Labrador, Maxie, froze to a standstill in the garden, nose in the air but otherwise no movement. Although I couldn’t smell anything, there were several fires miles away where carcases of cows were being burned at the time of mad cow disease, or was it foot and mouth, I can’t remember which. Anyway Maxie had picked up something spiritual, just like Goldie did all those years before.


The latest medical news is that on 7th November Joe will be having a major operation. The consultant tried all ways to avoid this but after many tests he said surgery was the only way. The plus side is that Joe will be able to lead a normal life when it’s all over. In view of this I bought him an early birthday present. ... nightshirts and boxer shorts. 

I didn’t realise nightshirts were still in fashion but what a relief to find they were. Accommodating yards of plastic tubing isn’t an easy task when only pyjamas are available. Now Joe swans around in his nightshirt like the kid in the nursery rhyme. All he needs is the hat and candle to go with it and the vision would be complete. That’s his story; secretly I think he’s classed himself as one of those toffs who buy their gear at Savile Row. For those unfamiliar with UK shopping habits, Savile Row in London is where the gentry buy their clothes, and this shop just happens to sell on line as well. Well, you have to spoil the other half on birthdays, don’t you?

Derek Rose
Derek Rose is a three-generation family business, based on Savile Row in London, specialising in top-quality nightwear and loungewear. Only the finest materials are used, and all patterns and textiles are designed in-house. Over the years Derek Rose has supplied royalty, film stars and music legends. We think the right pyjamas can imbue the wearer with a timeless masculine elegance.


  1. Bell Book and Candle for Christmas then! You know you married a class act!!

  2. Joe, I'm working on that for Christmas!!! No comment on the second

  3. Hahaha.....that'll teach 'em for not taking the books for auctioning. You go, girl!

    And go JOE! Talk about a fashion statement--if ya stylin' when on the other side, I say! I got cute jammies, too. NOT that fancy--but they have duckies on 'em! :-/
    Bit disappointing the surgery couldn't be avoided, I'm sure--but if that's the best route--forward into the solution. (ugghhh...I say that knowing it's not easy, but sometimes really, really necessary) We'll continue saying prayers and sending positive, healing thoughts.

    How weird is that about the dogs.. Wow. We have a fella whose cat has absolutely zilch to do with him--until he brings out his prayer bead. We're thinking the cat was Indian in a previous life! True!

  4. Mel, don't encourage him, he's swanking enough in his new gear.
    Thanks for making me smile.... BTW do we get to see pics of the duckies :-/

  5. Sending the best of good thoughts to Jo on his upcoming operation. I think I ought to get a nightshirt for Gregg to wear. And put a hat on his head and a candle to carry. Might make it this year's Christmas card ;)

    Congrats on the book sales. Just goes to show you follow your own instincts and not those who are 'supposed' to know what they are talking about :)

  6. Denise, that's a great idea for a Christmas
    Thank you so much for your good wishes.

  7. Congrats on the book selling! Yeah!

    Joe will look quite swanky in his night shirt and boxers! If one is sporting tubes it's hard to look sexy, but throw on a night shirt, and grrrowl! ;) Hope he's coming along okay!

  8. Hey Pat, I just thought... the nurses might be in for a treat :O)

  9. Best of luck to Joe. I'm sure everything will turn out alright. Having had major surgery myself, I can tell you that I'm sure Joe is more concerned about you than he is about himself.

    And congrats on selling those books! It's awe-inspiring to think that I converse with a published author. Amazing...

  10. Thank you, Herman, you could well be right on the 'concern' factor. I'm glad things went well for you.

  11. "People won’t be interested in books,’ was the remark made to me, so I sold them privately and kept the money. That’ll teach them!"

    Yaaaaaaay! You GO, Valerie!! And I am sooooooo happy to hear that you sold your books!!!!


    LOVED reading the part about dogs being spiritually inclined because I believe that. Animals are very in tuned to things like that. They can pick up on things that many humans can't because they're more sensitive to energy.

    I still see nightshirts here in the States as well. In fact, I think I actually remember having a nightshirt myself when I first moved back east because of the colder weather.

    Sending LOTS of 'good energy' Joe's way for his surgery.

    (((((( Joe))))))

    Have a FAB Wednesday, dear lady!


  12. Ron, I agree with you about the dogs, and I guess other animals have the same instincts. Dogs always to me to be ultra-sensitive.

    Thank you for checking out my computer problems... as you see I have managed to get on here but not without a couple of bumps on the way!

  13. Thanks for the update, Val. I'll be thinking of you both.


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