27 October 2013

Sunday Scenes

Some scenic shots taken in Australia 2012

And the best shot of all:
Dad and Daughter... two of my favourite people


  1. australia is very high on my list of places to visit...ever since rading bryson's family shot as well...

  2. Wonderful pictures. I love pictures of piers.

  3. Yeah....gosh, how do you choose from that lot?! They're great photos. I love the perspective in that third shot, and wow...what big skies they have. If that's a'd take me all day to get to the end of it. LOL If that's a thank you! LOL

  4. The sea scenes were of Pacific Ocean at Surfurs Paradise,,Gold Coast OZ.
    The people ones at a Koala Bear Reserve at Philip Islamd OZ where little Penguins come ashore each evening.Great places.

  5. OH, very nice Valerie. Especially the one of Dad and Daughter!

  6. You sure have traveled to a lot of places! great photos! What a nice shot of Joe and your daughter!

  7. Lovely shots Valerie, especially Dad and Daughter!

  8. Valerie, FANTABULOUS shots!

    WOW...the sky in that second photo is breathtaking! That is my favorite time to go to a beach - on a cloudy and gray day - I find it so peaceful and calming.

    But of course, the BEST shot is the last - Dad and daughter!

    Happy Sunday, dear lady!


  9. Brian, I haven't read any of Bill Bryson's books... perhaps I should.

    Haddock, thank you for visiting.

    Mel, do I take it you don't like bridges that big... grins.

    Joe, thanks for the info. I must hunt out my penguin photos someday.

    Mona, I like that one the best.

    Pat, I wasn't there, unfortunately. It was a man only trip to Oz since I couldn't have coped with the long journey.

    Pearl, thank you. I agree!

  10. Hi Ron, I recall spending a wet summer on a beach and loved every minute of it. Not sure I would now, though. Incidentally, I'm trying a new sidebar venture just to see if Google mess about with it this time.

  11. Beautiful scenes ..
    perhaps one day I can visit Australia...
    another place on the evergrowing bucket list.

    Hope you are doing well..

  12. Wonderful photos Valerie, but as you say, the best one is the last :)

  13. I always associate Australia with blue skies and blue sea, nice to see it in a different light. And a lovely family shot!

  14. I have always wanted to go to Australia. My fiancee has family there and we plan to visit them once we can make the trip.

  15. I'd love to visit Australia some day. I'd be drawn to the outback. There's something about the desert that I truly love...

  16. Hey
    I have nominated you for a Liebster on my blog! Please do check my post, and answer the questions (and nominate others) :) It’s fun. Do try it. Enjoy!! :)

  17. My son wants to go to Australia some day. He's even mentioned living there if ever the opportunity arises.

    Nice photos!

  18. Great photos and I can see why you like that last one most of all. :<)


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