04 November 2012

Sunday Scenes

Scenes from and inside Warwick Castle in the West Midlands of the UK

How realistic is that!


Brian Miller said...

oo what a delight...i like the little shack up front...but looking through the relief int he stone as well is really cool....happy sunday val

Valerie said...

Hi Brian, I too like the picture of the shack. I can see that on a greeting card, if I could get round to it... smiles.

Ron said...

AWESOME photos, Valerie!

I feel like I'm stepping back in time!

The second photo view above the Warwick Castle is AMAZING!

That's what I love about Europe, there is such a deep and rich sense of history.

Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

Happy Sunday to ya!


Mel said...

omgomgomg......what an amazing place with all kinds of amazing things!
holy cow...... What a cute little shack.

Valerie said...

Hi Ron, yes we love our castles and palaces. They are rich in history. Warwick Castle has pageants and stuff where people dress up in clothes of the era. Unfortunately, I haven't been to one nor do I have photographs.

Hey Mel, you would love it. So much to do in the Castle and the grounds.

DeniseinVA said...

Lovely to see. Great photos Valerie!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful photos and interesting site!

Valerie said...

Hello Sherry Blue Sky. Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

HermanTurnip said...

That is so cool! Beautiful pictures, Val, especially that first one. It just looks so comforting and inviting!

Jenny Woolf said...

Nice photographs, Valerie. Is the top one showing a peasant's house of the time? I have never been to Warwick Castle although I have passed through Warwick and think it looks very interesting and picturesque.