28 December 2009


Click on the picture and you'll see the early-bird sun-worshipper.
Yes the wood pigeon certainly found the sun, he obviously believes in ending the year on a good note .


  1. Wonderful blue sky, rather like the one we enjoyed here in Bucks. It was almost spring-like!

  2. wish i could get a little closer to the sun day...20 degree drop from yesterday...back to the long sleeves and layers...nice pic val! happy new year!

  3. WOW.....such a beautiful sky, love your weather Val. Our sky is pretty grey today and everything is covered in snow if not buried but all will be well soon. Hope you and your husband have a wonderful New Year enjoying the best of health......:-) Hugs

  4. I am glad to see blue skies where you are too Valerie. Well captured photo - the wood pigeon is posing almost!

  5. I love the sun worshipper, Val.
    He (she) looks lonely, though...but perhaps the mate is nearby. The sky is so pretty....clouds that are white and 'harmless' loom in the background....a very pretty photo...and so nice of the pigeon to cooperate with you and let you get a great photograph.
    We had pigeons when I was a girl. We had homing pigeons, and we had a kind of pigeon called a 'tumbler'...are you familiar with those? They would fly at a certain altitude, and then would 'tumble' back toward earth and then regain their flight. They would physically lose consciousness...thus tumbling because of it. The homing pigeons were much fun for Daddy. He would take them to central Florida (when he would take his bees to the orange groves, and relase them (pigeons)...and they would always come back home (north Florida...) so much fun to see them when they arrived.
    I love your photo...and the pigeon brought back many happy memories to me (as you can tell as I ramble on.. :)) )
    Warm hugs to you, Val.

  6. Kath, it's more a day of doom and gloom today. I'm glad I didn't miss yesterday... grins.

    Brian, don't tell me you left off a few layers, was it THAT warm where you are?

    Bernie, I adore your optimism. I must pull myself together and be more positive about the weather.

    Jackie, I knew people who kept racing pigeons but didn't do so myself. Thank you for the interesting account of how those birds deal with their journeys.

    Blogaire, yes, the woodpigeon could have been posing. Deep down, though, I think he was gloating .. grins.

  7. Lovely picture. Must be keeping an eye out for those cats ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  8. He knew to make the most of the sun yesterday. Today has been miserable.

  9. That is one plumb sun bird - prob ate too much for C'mas. Sun birds over here are petitie and very colourful and they flit from one tree to another really quickly.

  10. Hi Valerie:)


    The photo is absolutely fantastic. The bird set against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky. I am glad you have a lovely sky and good weather. Here is Kochi it is quite warm. Trees are being cut to make way for high rise apartments.

    While the lovely bird is enjoying the sun, I also felt that it is anxiously waiting for its lazy mate who is late. I am sure when the mate comes both of them will soar in sky looking for delicious food to be shared with each other.

    This post also reminded me of one my favorite songS by George Baker-UNA PALOMA BLANCA. You will get it on the you tube.

    Una paloma blanca
    I'm just a bird in the sky
    Una paloma blanca
    Over the mountains I fly
    No one can take my freedom away.


  11. Delightful!!!! Wish I could do the sun-worshiping thingie, too!!! And You are so clever..."ending the year on a good note..." LOL...terrific pun! You never fail, Val...I love your "mixed bag." Always something here that will delight or inspire...You are a winner no matter what you do!! Happy New Year!!! Love, Janine XO


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