25 April 2010

Sign of the Times!

Not my fault!
He was drunk.
His brain was
In a funk,
With Drugs.

Okay though
I was safe wiv me knife

Not MY fault!
He lashed out
Aimed for me face
Couldn’t have that -
Flippin' disgrace!

Okay though
I still had me knife

Not my FAULT!
He shoulda
Stood back.
He shoulda known
I would attack

Okay then, I
reached for the knife

Asked him outright
Your life or mine?
He didn’t reply
Didn’t give him
The time

Honest, Your Honour
It WASN’T my fault


  1. Extrememly pertinent words in this day and age...

  2. it never is our fault is it...nice one val!

  3. Val this is raw yet so very real for this day and age........:-) Hugs

  4. Val, you are BRILLIANT! Always. It doesn't matter what you write; you write so very well! This is powerful in its brevity...a perfect vehicle for this incredible social commentary! I especially love the way you distinguished the voice of the accused with dialect! Fantastic! I love your work! ~Janine XO

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  6. I'm recalling the scene from Crocodile Dundee...

    I've heard this excuse waaaay to oft, wot?

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  9. Thanks folks, I rushed this one off after reading a newspaper article about instigators and fault!

  10. This hit close to home as my eldest son was attacked by two boys with a knife 12 months ago all because he wouldn't give them a cigarette. It wasn't their fault either. :(

  11. Hi Valerie:)

    Yes, in self defense we can do the most abominable things. But then when it my life or someone else's life I would always prefer someone else's life. This is the way we all feel. As you rightly said-YOUR LIFE OR MINE?

    I am sure the judge gave a light sentence.

    Well crafted poem to bring out very vividly the emotions and the actual committing of the gruesome murder.

    Have a nice day Valerie:)

  12. It never is!

    CJ xx


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