24 August 2011


This is me posing with a troll in Norway. It was cold enough for a coat.
The following is a much better picture. See how I’ve changed?

The red hair is so me, don’t you think? I was prompted by Nikki to show these pictures, Nikki being the pet troll of blogging friend, Ron, who can adapt appearances for day or night. Nikki, that is, not Ron.

I have to say, though, that I like this story of trolls and who better to tell it than officials in Norway. Read on and enjoy.


The Norwegian trolls have very distinct features. They have long crooked noses, only four fingers and toes on each limb, and most of them have a long bushy tail. Some trolls are giants, others are small. There are stories of two-headed as well as three-headed trolls, and even a few with only one eye in the middle of their wrinkled foreheads. Others have trees and rough moss-like growth all over their heads and noses. The trolls come out after sunset. The sun would cause them to crack, turn into stone and burst. They have supernatural powers, and do usually bring good luck.

Trolls have a special place in Norwegian fairy tales. They live in the forests and mountains, are enormously large, ugly and stupid, but can smell Christian blood from a long distance. They like princesses and keep them prisoner in the mountains if they have the chance.

Trolls cannot tolerate the sound of church bells and burst or turn to stone if they are exposed to sunlight. They are vanquished by the poor, inventive, good-hearted Askeladden, who finally wins the captive princess and half the kingdom.


This explains why I don’t like too much heat!


  1. Of course, it was Nikki(and Ron) that were at the root of this! :)
    I guess that I am armed with my complete troll knowledge, if I ever make it to Norway. I would love to go to Scandinavia one day!

    Thanks for sharing your unique pictures, Valerie.

  2. Oh Val... thanks for the laugh..
    needed one today...having problems
    with all things electrical ..
    a snowball effect..

  3. Fascinating post, Valerie. I won't ask which one is you in the photograph, because I value your bloggy friendship, lol.

    I always think of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story when I hear the word troll mentioned. And more recently, it seems a troll is something people call an online stalker who likes to cause offence. It's funny how technology changes our perception of the child-like description.

    CJ xx

  4. my what big...nose you bit of history on the trolls....

  5. Folklore is such a wonderful thing isn't it. The way different societies come up with connections and explanations and weave them into a folklore fantasy.

  6. You reminded me that I have a much loved troll toy, given to me in the 60's
    People were surprised that I was more fond of my "ugly" toy and not dolls. Well that's just me I guess, never a fan of pretty or girly things.

  7. Thay look very like the toy troll that I had back inthe 1960s along with a gonk! Remember them?

  8. Barb, you will appreciate that I had to blame someone...grins. I hope you make it to Scandinavia.

    Faye, hope your snowball effect gets sorted.

    Kath, I'm the good looking one with the red hair. Oooooooh I hope I didn't cause offence!

    Brian, funny thing about noses, it's difficult to hide them...

    Alan, I like to the occasional bit of folklore.

    Kath, I wasn't a doll person either.

  9. "The following is a much better picture. See how I’ve changed?

    The red hair is so me, don’t you think?"


    OMG, Valerie....what a FLAWLESS post! It totally made me laugh and put a HUGE smile on my face this morning!

    I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful bit of troll history with us because I had no idea about the Norwegian trolls!?!?

    And I can't WAIT to show Nikki this post because I think she'll go ga-ga over the fact that you mentioned her.

    She's such the DIVA!


    Have a brilliant day, dear lady!

    And thanks again!


  10. Heehee, Ron. I just KNEW Nikki would like the picture. I'm glad I put a smile on your face and hers x

  11. Love the troll pictures and the explanation. :)

  12. Not only have did your hair turn red, but you seemed to have gotten much, much shorter! Too funny!

    Very interesting history!

  13. Thanks, Pearl. I thought I'd lost the troll picture but it turned up after much searching.

    Pat, I did shrink a bit, that's true :O)

  14. Still chuckling and I learned something new today......:-)Hugs

  15. Wow - that was quite interesting! They are strange little creatures.

  16. Well know I now a lot more about trolls that I could have ever imagined. Always get some good info when I come visit, Val, and a laugh as well. Thanks.


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