13 September 2011

Monday's special day

Normally I don’t blog about personal stuff, meaning relationships rather than incidents of a personal nature, but today is an exception.

Yesterday was the day I met my stepdaughter’s new partner, Frank, for the first time. My Guy knows him, of course, since he spent two holiday periods with them in Australia.

I have to say that Ros’s man is a terrific bloke. He’s Italian cum Australian, and like a true Iti/Oz bloke he’s very friendly. On top of that he has a sense of humour .. and what’s more he loves to play Scrabble on the iPhone. Like me! Yea, we have something in common. But his main attribute is making Ros happy ... it's wonderful to see that.

We went for a meal at the Boathouse, one of my favourite restaurants by a lake in Sutton Park. I know I’ve mentioned the place before but I still took pictures for the blog. All in all the day was a great success and there’s more to come.

I think the world of my stepdaughter. She’s good looking and has super intelligence. She has achieved a lot in her life and I am so proud of her. She’s certainly is a credit to her Dad.

Ros doesn’t often read my blog so she may not see this post. However, just in case she pops her head in I just want to say: Thank you for being you. I love you dearly.

The drive through the woods

to the boathouse
Isn't it a pretty entrance?

We were given a table with a view
This was my starter, mushrooms with gorgonzola

My main course was steak, cooked to perfection, with an huge variety of vegetables to go with it. and served with a very special sauce
Dessert was a chocolate something or other. I can never remember fancy names but I do remember that it tasted pretty good.
The scene outside ... fabulous!


  1. I'm sure your step-daughter feels the same way about you Valerie. :)

    Love the pics, that looks like just the sort of place where I would enjoy a meal.

  2. That restaurant looks like perfection itself. A fitting place to take such guests.

  3. That looks like a wonderful place to eat and enjoy good company! That dessert "Is to die for" !!!

  4. the meal looks grand and glad you liked him...i hope that she does choose to read today....

  5. It is a beautiful place in which to eat. It makes you feel good when someone you love finds someone who will love her back and is just a great person. Relationships are wonderful and you want them to choose wisely.

  6. What a lovely post, Valerie!

    So glad to hear that Frank is such a nice bloke. Just from your description of him, he sounds it!

    I LOVE your photos of the Boathouse and your meal. What an absolutely charming-looking place. Gorgeous atmosphere! And the food looks scrumptious! That chocolate dessert had my mouth watering - yummy!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us, dear lady!

    Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!


  7. Pearl, I sure hope so.

    Alan, it is a lovely 'rustic' place that was once actually a boat house.

    Mona, it was 'to die for'.

    Brian, it would be nice if stepdaughter read this.

    Larry, I agree with your comment.

    Ron, I was relieved to discover how nice he is. Heehee you lay off my chocolate dessert.

  8. Ahhh how sweet. I hope she does read it!
    The Boathouse looks wonderful. You chose well from the menu. Love the look of that chocolate dessert.

  9. Love these pics...especially the food ones..
    Hope your Ros gets a chance to read your blog.
    But I am sure she already knows how you feel and
    she most definitely feels likewise about you.

  10. This all sounds great!
    I say that when family works well, flow with it.
    Many of us have family members who are difficult(I,included), and have not asked for that.What can I say; that is how it goes...

    You are blessed. What a wonderful looking restaurant, too! I am sure that it was delish.

  11. What a nice post! I'm sure your step-daughter appreciates you as much as you do her!

    The food looked delish BTW!

  12. The step daughter in question7 October 2011 at 02:17

    Better to look late than never.... not sure about the good looking part but really any compliments are welcome! I can honestly say that Frank thought the world of you too - and I echo that sentiment. Thanks for being such good support in the past few years.

  13. Stepdaughter in question: Wow..... surprise, surprise. Lovely to see you here. Love to you and Frank.


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