19 September 2011


Don’t you find the current practice of squealing irritating? People don’t politely applaud these days, they acknowledge something good with relentless screeching. The remote control in my house is worked to death as the volume continually adjusted. It’s not just youngsters who do it, I’ve seen 40 something women exercising their vocal chords. Is it me getting old?

And talking about applause, have you noticed that contestants on game shows or quizzes actually clap themselves when they get a question right. I was brought up in an age when we praised others but never ourselves.

Next complaint is about bird feeders. All this nonsense spouted by manufacturers and retailers about feeders being squirrel-proof. They obviously don’t know the squirrels in my part of the world. They’re shrewd. They work it out. The most common feeder is for holding seeds. A cylindrical tube set in the middle of a cage so that only small birds can get in. Maybe, but the squirrel soon sussed out that if he climbed on top and swung on the feeder he would shake the seed onto the ground. That way big and little birds plus the squirrel could have a party.

The same applies to my latest gadget (not classified as squirrel proof) designed for inserting blocks of suet mix. I thought it was reasonably safe … I mean, the worst it could do was cling to the cage and eat the suet based food. Hmmm! This morning I found the top and lid securely attached to the feeder station but the cage…. ah, that was missing. The heavy duty wire cage had been forced out, complete with food, and taken away. Where it’s gone to is a mystery, unless the squirrel thought it would be a good basis for a nest somewhere. We’ve searched the garden and there isn’t a cage in sight.

You can see where the cage was inserted into the ridge of the lid. It was a tight fit. Quite honestly it would have taken me hours to separate the two.

I called in at a charity shop this morning. I always like to look at the books in there, they’re so much cheaper than buying new. I didn’t find a book but I did find three little pots I liked. I decided to buy them. The assistant was very good. She insisted on wrapping each one in tissue paper, but the whole time she did this she complained about the high cost of the paper. Feeling guilty I asked her to save it for another customer but she said it was one of the rules of the charity, that each item be wrapped. Now wouldn’t you think they’d want to save the money for whatever charity they supported?

Well, that’s enough moaning, I must get on. I have a big lunch to attend today. The after lunch speaker will be Tricia Stewart who started the Calendar Girls. Should be good. I have to travel quite a distance there and back so I may not be able to visit my favourite bloggers until tomorrow. I could be wrong, but it's as well to inform. Ciao.


  1. I agree with you on all your comments, especially the applause and the clapping. I hate to see people clapping themselves! Why do they do it, I wonder.
    It's good to have a rant once a week!
    Have a great time at the talk today. Be sure and tell us how it went.

  2. wow your squirrels are little terrorists....took the whole thing...yikes...squealing is agravating, fighting it in my kids right now...

  3. It infuriates me when contestants on shows applaud themselves!

    I have to admit I am guilty of whooping, especially at live gigs of bands.

    Wily squirrels will always find a way to get at the food. :)

  4. Valerie, I so agree with you about the SQUEALING! I am so sensitive to any high pitched noise, that squealing truly bothers me. And we hear A LOT of that here in Philly.



    LOVE the three little pots. They look brand new. In Japan they also wrap everything in tissue paper when you purchase something.

    Hope you're having a great time at the luncheon. Calendar Girls - HOW FUN!! I LOVED that movie!

    Can't wait to hear all about it!


  5. Stella, it's a relief to know that other's are irritated by the squealing.

    Brian, hope you win the battle of the squealers.

    Pearl, I never go to gigs so I only get to hear the awful noise on TV programmes.

    Ron, I'm also sensitive to noise. And don't you think it's all so unnecessary?

  6. Squirrels are actually very, very smart! Have you seen those feeders that looks like chairs? They come with a wooden post that you put a corn cob on. THen the squirrel sits on the chair and eats! It's so cute!

    Those bowls are adorable!

  7. Yes agree on the squealing. Chip actually does this noise when waiting to do flyball races sometimes, very irritating as well ;-)

  8. Another comment gobbled by Blogger....

    The Calendar Girls is still one of my favorite movies..
    of course anything with Helen Mirren

  9. "have you noticed that contestants on game shows or quizzes actually clap themselves when they get a question right."

    Hey...*I* do that, but only for the stupid things like making a green light or when I happen to come across a great song on the radio, but I play it coool when I answer questions when Jeopardy is on. 'Cause, ya know, I know it all... ;-)

    Oh, and welcome to my blogroll!

  10. We watch a lot of house make-over programmes awaiting the "Oh my Gawwwwwwwwwwwd" which inevitabley comes! Got to laugh - but not screech! lol! Great one Valerie. Dx

  11. Well I really enjoyed your rant Valerie! A good rant every day is a must for me anyway. Don't get me wrong - I am generally not a Grumpy person, but getting something off my chest definitely puts me in better humour.
    Loved your comment on wrapping paper - I usually say to shop assistants "no thanks - we have to save the trees!".
    Apologies for my lengthy absense Val, too many problemos in my life, but hopefully sunnier days ahead (even if Winter is approaching ... )!

  12. I'm with you all the way on those whooping, screeching TV audiences, Val. And the trend for the presenters of those shows to address mixed company as 'guys' irritates the hell out of me. It just ain't British.

  13. Hi there, Mr V. Mixed company used to be referred to as 'folks' - what changed it, I wonder? You're right, it ain't British - it's probably American... grins.


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