29 June 2014

Odd shots

I found these pictures on an old camera but can't remember why I kept them. They are meaningless on their own, don't you think? No story-line, nothing to attach them to, just pictures in their own right.

The first one is a shot taken through the window of a restaurant we used to go to in my favourite Sutton Park, a place called The Boathouse because that's what it was before it was transformed into an eating house. 

I can't think where I took the next one but coincidentally these flowers are in full bloom in the garden today.

The next two pictures were taken on a visit to The New Hall Hotel though I'm not sure exactly when 

I  love clouds, except when they bring rain. Summer clouds can be so pretty. 


  1. I hope that the pictures will jog your memory in the end. I find it rather frustrating to see pictures I don't remember. Oddly enough I usually do remember what they are all about in the end.

  2. Hi Jenny.... the memory does fail a bit at my age... and it was an old camera .... grins.

  3. I really like that hotel in the 4th image!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. The pictures can paint a thousand words, Valerie! They are all beautiful and when I looked at each of them, I was thinking "they were not that odd at all." But sometimes I also find weird stuff in my camera... even more odd like photos of ceilings and walls or floors.. maybe mostly accidental push of the button shots:)

  5. ha. we were following a poodle through the sky the other day...i love cloud watching...

    that castle looking house right up on the water (moat) is pretty cool...

  6. "I found these pictures on an old camera but can't remember why I kept them."

    HA! Valerie, the same thing happened to me on an old (film) camera that I still have.

    Beautiful pictures! I especially love the first one through the window and the one of the path through the trees.

    Have a lovely Sunday, dear lady.

    X to you and Joe!

  7. Hi Lea, I've had a few shots of the floor from time to time - can't think how it happened... smiles.

  8. Brian, how great to see a flying dog.... smiles.I agree, cloud watching can reveal all sorts of shapes and pictures. The 'castle' is the New Hall Hotel where I had the birthday do.

  9. Ron, the path through the trees is a great walk ... I like it because it's like an tunnel of trees that completely cover the path. Hope you're Sunday is a good one.

  10. Lovely photos, Valerie! I have a few like that, That I have no idea where I took them.

  11. They are all lovely shots so it's nice you found them. I just took a photo thru the window of the restaurant where we ate yesterday for lunch. A bit dark inside, black window frame, and bright outside. Reminds me of your first photo.
    I enjoy looking at clouds.

  12. Thanks, Mary. Some windows beg to be photographed don't they?. I bet your shot in the restaurant is a good one.

  13. I love all the pictures you uploaded..beautiful things do not need any storyline Valerie..they are beautiful in itself..


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