09 June 2014

Titbits... and an update

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Why won’t Wordpress let me in? It used to be friendly towards me but not any more. I give all the information it requires but nothing happens. It has been that way for a few months on one blog, but now it’s happening on another one. 
Bloglovin’ insists on only showing me two blogs at a time, which means either continually having to reload or give it up. I’m favouring the latter. The most efficient way to bookmark my favourite bloggers is by using Google’s Bookmark Bar.
Update on Joe

Chemotherapy is finished so kudos to him for coping with it so well. Now we wait for whatever comes next. We had expected that once chemo was done he would start to feel better; in fact in the first couple of weeks it was just the opposite.

First thing to hit him was tiredness. During the day he would nod off mid-sentence (almost) in whichever chair he happened to be sitting in but I have to say he seemed less tired the last couple of days. Perhaps the body is getting stronger. We can but hope.

Lack of appetite and inactive taste buds became an issue. We thought this would happen during treatment not after it but apparently it’s quite normal. Well, it may be normal but some days I don’t know how to feed him. I’m throwing good food away which really is a mortal sin. On top of everything else he inherited a urine infection which, together with a blood disorder, made him disorientated and dizzy first thing in the morning. Antibiotics were prescribed for the infection and a blood transfusion has been booked to deal with the anaemia. Poor man is pretty fed-up.

A nurse still comes once a week. They’re all lovely so we don’t have a favourite and I do admire them for their cheeriness and dedication to their job. Would you believe it is almost half a year since the first chemo session and nearly a year since it all started. I can’t believe how time flies.

Because Joe’s lack of appetite results in discarded food I have tried to salvage food whenever I can. Out of interest I threw a piece of banana on the lawn to see if the birds would touch it. Touch it? They practically queue up to get some. I threw some out the other day and straight away it was spotted by a Jay. In he zoomed, snatched a whole two inch portion and flew off, while a Magpie was still thinking about it! I could almost imagine the indignant magpie, with claws on wings, saying Hey, you, that’s MINE! I have one banana left and won’t be buying any more ... should be fun watching the antics one last time. 


  1. All the best to Joe and you, I hope that he will regain his strength. Chemotherapy drains the life out of you in the beginning, but I hope that his appetite will return as well. Take care both of you.

  2. Has it been a year? I have you and Joe in my thoughts every time I read your posts. Thank goodness the chemo is over and Joe is getting a little stronger every day. Thinking good thoughts every day.

  3. Oh I hope Joe is feeling better soon. He's a trooper! Didn't know birds would eat bananas! See, I've learned something new by visiting your lovely blog! lol

  4. Valerie, I have to give Google Bookmark Bar a try because I've heard others say that they enjoy it as well. I may investigate that later today because sometimes Feedly is very slow at updating blog feeds. OMG..I such miss Google Reader so much because it was the BEST feed reader ever.

    Thank you for the update on Joe because he (and you) are always in my thoughts. And yes, it's quite normal to feel tired and have a loss of appetite after chemo, but I think once it clears out of his system, he'll regain his strength and appetite.

    Sending much 'good vibes' your way.

    X to you and Joe!

  5. Hopefully Joe will feel better and better as time goes on fingers crossed. You're right time does fly by, sometimes too quickly. xx

  6. Ron: at least with the Google bookmark the blogs open at the latest post. It's also a lot quicker. Trouble is though there's isn't room for all of the blogs on the desktop, some have to go slightly out of sight. There has been an improvement today, Joe even managed to do some 'sitting down' work. Good to see. Thank yoou again for your supportive presence. It is very muchappreciated x

  7. Pearl: thank you. There has been a change for the better today. More food intake and less sleep.

    Mona: you are right, he is a trooper. I've told others about the bananas and I'm sure they didn't believe me.

    BC: thanks for the kind thoughts. I hope he never has to go through the chemo again.

  8. Mersad: thank you so much. I never imagined chemo could do that to a body... but I know now. Joe has eaten a little more today and seems to have some strength back. It's good to see.

  9. smiles...i do the same with our scrap....and the birds love it here too...i am glad joe is progressing and i hope he feels better soon, regaining some strength....

  10. Brian, Joe has improved even more since I wrote this post. Hoorah!
    Keep up the good work for the sake of the birds... smiles.

  11. Just like the drugs take time to build up to do the job, so does it take time to exit. It's a tough process to go through. Joe's done phenomenally well at staying the course. And so have you. Sometimes I think it's just as tough, if not tougher, for the family. They have to field all the STUFF...and it's emotionally and physically exhausting. You've both done phenomenally well. And the jays are happy, too. LOL


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