23 June 2014

Around the House Part 2

Unlike my lovely cleaning lady, the gardener was something else. He never seemed to be in a good mood and often argued with or ridiculed something I said. On the day in question (last Friday to be exact) he arrived in a snappy mood, grumbling that he had a lot of work on. I remarked that it was good to have enough work to keep going, but he retorted that it meant working the next day when he didn’t want to work the next day. He seemed rather put out about having to work at all.

We have trees all round the garden, which I love because of my fascination with birds, but admittedly they are tall and do stop the light from getting to anything growing beneath them. That doesn’t bother me because in actual fact nothing of importance does grow beneath them, just the odd bush or two and I just cut them back if they lean out too far. Gardener, however, thought the trees should be chopped down. They’re not his trees nor are they ours but I agree that we could prune them a little on our side of the fence. Eventually! ‘If they were mine I’d go round to your neighbour and demand that he removes them’ were his words, spoken somewhat aggressively.

I said the gardener was something else because he no longer comes. At least I don’t think he does... he drove off in an angry huff, without having touched a blade of grass except when walking on it. But I’m rushing on before the tale is told.

When he first started coming the man insisted on a minimum of two hours work, once a fortnight, by which time the grass is ready to be cut on two lawns which leaves little time for other work. He has managed to trim some laurel and a prickly hedge of mixed growth and apologised for not being able to do the tops of the hedge because of the sheer height.

I repeat, it was a hedge not a tree.

So when some sort of tree-fellers knocked at the door and offered to cut back a rather high tree I seized the opportunity to get rid of other difficult-to- remove stuff.... and that is what upset the gardener. As soon as he saw/heard what the other guys had done he took umbrage and stormed off. At first I thought he was going to collect his gear from his car. However, instead of getting gear out he was putting it back in. He slammed the boot shut and got in the car shouting ‘there is such a thing as loyalty’ before driving off.

So you see why I think we’ve lost our gardener! And good riddance. We can do without that sort of attitude and, let’s face it, there are plenty more around. Do you know what irks most? It’s that last flung remark about loyalty... from a man who only visited three or four times! If he’d been coming twenty years and some guy came and took over his job I could understand it... but three or four times? We’d hardly got to know him. You’ll notice I didn’t mention the man’s name and that’s because I can’t remember it... I didn’t know him long enough for his name to impinge itself on my silly brain. 

The story doesn't end with the man's departure as a new gardener has been taken on, one who seems more than willing to have a go. All I can say is ... 


  1. I hope you can find a gardener that does a good job and has a better attitude.

  2. Hi Dan, we have found one. Will report back... smiles.

  3. Talk about having a bad day. And more than one at that. Surly is as surly does. Good riddance.

  4. ha. never had a gardener beyond myself...but heck, strike while the iron is hot and get what needs cleared out...sounds like his ego got a bit bent....

  5. Glad to read in the comments that you found a new one! Take care.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Troutbirder... I hate surly, especially in someone at MY address. He could be surly elsewhere, and probably is...smiles.

  7. Brian, I like your remark about the gardener's bent ego... made me smile.

  8. Mersad, thanks. I will let everyone know how the new man gets on although I think he'll be okay.

  9. " And good riddance. We can do without that sort of attitude and, let’s face it, there are plenty more around."

    Good riddance is right, Valerie!

    And by reading this post, I could get a strong sense of just how grumpy and unhappy a man he was/is.

    I agree with Brian, sounds like his ego is huge.

    Can't wait to hear about the new gardener. And I'm glad you found him :)

    Have a lovely day, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  10. Hi Ron. Incidents like that are upsetting, at least they are to me. It took several days to stop thinking about it. I think that is why I blogged it .. to get it in perspective. Heehee I am OK now.

  11. Uh... my question is: What's a gardener?? Haha!
    Just teasing, Val. We have a small home/yard and generally don't have much need for services like that.
    Only ever really had someone come to cut the lawn (er, crabgrass and weeds is more like it) occasionally if Ron got extra busy with his day job.
    OH, when we win the lottery though... I will have a Japanese garden and some water features put in. And a small treehouse. :)
    Glad the gardener with the ego is gone and you have a new one who will hopefully work out very well.

  12. I am always amazed at the people who want to be in a service kind of work but have no skills to work with people. Bad dispositions really don't belong in most fields. I work with people at school who really don't like kids and hate working but they just keep coming. Unlike your guy who storms off in a huff, who if were more willing to converse and work with you could have been happy to stay on with you.

  13. So hard to find good help these days! LOL

  14. Having trees all around he house make the house to be cool. I love to go gardening so i am not in search of a gardener!

  15. CrystalChick, we have a huge garden - hence the problem. Now that we older it's too much for us to manage. I love it though, oh yes, I love our garden. Hmmm a Japanese garden sounds wonderful.

    Larry, I agree entirely with your comment. The grumpy guy was a new experience and one that I don't want to face again.

    Mona, it's not so hard here ... so many are out of work and have turned their minds to doing other jobs.

    Weekend-Windup, thank you for visiting. Good to meet you. I used t love gardening, and still do if only I could manage it. Hubby and I have reached that stage in life when it's all a bit too much.

  16. Oh My, He is touchy. I have to say my 'Mower' did a great job on our yards. I think you are better off with out the miserable gardener.

  17. BC.. I will know tomorrow how the new gardener gets on, although I have it on good authority that he works well and he seemed amiable enough.

  18. Here's hoping you find a less grumpy gardener! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  19. Good grief! I am amazed you kept him for even four visits! It is surprising isn't it that a few young people aren't training to be gardeners to offer their services - it is usually so hard to find a gardener who is reliable and has the first idea about what they're doing.

  20. Jenny, I suppose I kept thinking he couldn't possibly be so grumpy all the time... how wrong I was.

    Cuban, our new gardener started yesterday. He's much more obliging and pleasant than the last one. This one can definitely stay.


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