30 June 2014

Which Veg? ... Your Preference?

Do you buy fresh vegetables or are you a frozen veg eater?

Seasonal fresh vegetables are yummy to look at in the shop because they are sprayed with water to keep them looking fresh. Get them home and revel in preparation, when you can actually smell them and breathe in the different scents… so long as you don’t store them too long.

Buying is or should be cheaper which is a major consideration when shopping … but I wonder how much we pay for the waste, all those discarded leaves, stalks, roots and peelings we throw away because we don’t know if they’ve been caught up in various pesticide sprays.

At one time I swore buying fresh was healthier as well as cheaper but I’ve changed my mind on that score.

Frozen vegetables are readily available at all times of the year. There is no waste, no throwing stuff away because they’ve ‘gone off’ or sell-by dates are exceeded … the latter still in evidence despite talk of removing them … which enhances the wisdom of buying stuff from freezers.

What do I do? Well, I follow both routes. Casseroles require fresh veg but a meat and two veg meal is perfectly fine using the frozen variety.

The latest quandary for me is the fact that I can’t buy a cabbage small enough for two people. Now that our appetites are somewhat diminished we can’t eat a whole Savoy and anyway who would want to eat Savoy every day for a week? 

There’s nothing like variety, so I like to intersperse the cabbage with carrots, sprouts, beans etc. My local supermarket used to sell frozen cabbage which, although not as good as fresh, made a pleasant change from root veg. It was also brilliant to use when making bubble and squeak. Sadly, even that has disappeared so I’m back to looking at the fresh cabbage and wondering if it would be really wasteful to throw three-quarters of it away. 


  1. Fresh zucchini and broccoli for me.

    Gainesville is in big farm country
    and there is a nice farmer's market with a great selection.

  2. I mix and match. Usually we buy pees, broccoli, cauliflower and corn frozen. The rest comes from our vegetable garden and the local farmers market.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I live in 'The Garden State' so I think it would be a crime to not go with the local produce when it's available. lol We get Jersey fresh corn, tomatoes, peaches, etc. etc. Just yesterday, we were in the 'Blueberry Capital of the World', a town called Hammonton. We bought 4 pints at a roadside stand on the way home and I put some in bags for my husband and son to take with their lunches. Ron is even growing a few goodies in our small backyard garden... tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and assorted herbs.
    Anything we can't buy fresh locally (or when something is out of season) I will definitely use the frozen variety of. I have many bags of fruits for smoothies and use assorted veggies in stews and soups. The steamable versions are great for last minute meals.

  4. i think we are the same...seasonally we buy fresh veg at the produce season we do frozen...

  5. Brian, I just wish I could sort the cabbage out... one way or the other... smiles

    Mary, I think I'll move to the country where fresh veg is really fresh. We have a lot of imported stuff which makes me worry about the farmers who spent their working days growing stuff for us.

  6. "Do you buy fresh vegetables or are you a frozen veg eater?"

    Valerie, it is so ironic you posted this today because about two days ago I went to a farmers market and purchase some fresh cucumbers (I LOVE to eat cucumbers during the summer months).

    I do both, but primarily purchase frozen, especially during most of the year because fresh veggies are just not as good-tasting as they are during the summer. And honestly I have to say, frozen veggies taste great. I buy asparagus frozen and it's delicious!

    Happy Monday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  7. We love our local farmers market. In winter its frozen veggies instead of imported produce...

  8. Great post Valerie and one I have enjoyed reading. I'm a big fresh veggie eater but I also buy frozen for when I run out of the fresh. Absolutely love cabbage. when I buy one we eat it over a few days after cooking.

    We are back after our month long trip to Europe. We woke up in Oslo yesterday morning and went to sleep in our own beds last night. We all agreed it was a fantastic trip but so good to be back home. This vacation was for all of us but mainly for my 93 year old father-in-law who attended the 70th D-Day Commemoration Ceremonies in Normandy and then traced his roots from four generations ago in Norway. We also visited Devonshire where I lived for many, many years before moving to America. I will be sharing lots of photos and stories in the days ahead, and will try to get some on my blog towards the end of the day. Meanwhile, loving visiting again :)

  9. Hi Ron. I'm surprised to learn that asparagus can be frozen. Next time I go to the shops I shall look out for it. You're right about the difference in taste of fresh veg in different seasons. I wish we had a farmers' market all year round. They only visit my area periodically.

  10. Hi Denise. Welcome home, good to see you back again. Re the cabbage, I would have it every day but like to vary the veg when I dish up Joe's meal. I'm not a very versatile cook!

    I'm glad you had a great vacation. Fancy you being in Devon as well, quite a trip all round for you and the family. I look forward to reading all about it on your blog.

  11. At our part of the world fresh vegetables are available all the year round in the local we prefer fresh ones, we go for only frozen peas in the off season which are not available in the market....


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