03 July 2014

Lunch out... with plenty to look at

A friend and I went out for lunch in the local park and were given a corner table with a two way view of the lake. What a surprise, though, to see so many cows coming down to the water. Mixed breeds, which is unusual, so we guess there was more than one owner. Every year the cows are allowed in this vast park where they spend the summer munching and roaming the entire area.

Eventually though they wandered back to the forest and as they retreated so the Canadian Geese swam in. There were a lot more than can seen on this picture and we think they had actually just flown in. There's not usually that many geese on the lake.

Eventually the cows returned and the birds swam away. 

It was all going on while we ate. Just look what came in next.

Closely followed by this 

 And this ... can someone actually get in that that thing?

Apparently so!


  1. ha. i dont know that my rear would

    and funny on the dance of the cows and the ducks

  2. Valerie, I'm such a cow-lover so I would have really enjoyed seeing that herd. To me, cows have the sweetest-looking faces and seem to be very gentle animals.

    "And this ... can someone actually get in that that thing?"

    Wow...that is such a narrow-looking boat. It resembles a kayak.

    Sounds like you and your friend had a delightful lunch in park, with lots a interesting things to look at.

    God, I hope it wasn't has hot and humid as it was here yesterday. The temperatures here reached 101. By the time I got to work, I was literally dripping in sweat.

    Have a terrific Thursday, dear lady.

    X to you and Joe!

  3. Ron, I hadn't thought about it before but you're right about the cows appearing to be gentle animals. They're also obstinate. I remember having driving lessons in the park and the cows refused to move to let me pass.

    I think there must be a knack of getting into one of those boats... head first, probably... grins.

  4. Brian, mine certainly wouldn't git.... grins.

  5. Kayaks give me the creeps. My son was quite brave when he got into one but as his dad I was on edge the whole tim ehw as in the water. Plus, he was quite young at the time.

    Great post.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Well, you certainly saw some interesting objects for a photo shoot! Loved how the cattle came in to drink while you were eating!

  7. see some amazing things on your outings! The good news is you remember to take the camera. I take mine everywhere I go--unfortunately, I get so wrapped up in watching, I forget to pull the darn thing out and snap the photos!
    *sigh* What AM I thinking?!


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