31 July 2014

I am so very sorry....

I am so very sorry
That you’re feeling rather ill
I wonder, yes I wonder
Did you forget to take a pill

You need a dose of TLC
Now you’ve taken to your bed
The formula is guaranteed  
To ease a pounding head

Also you will find enclosed
An additional provision
A hug that I created
To beget a fast remission

I fashioned it with sympathy
Coloured with affection
Adding reassurance
To fight off the infection

I took a crumb of wisdom
To include inside the mixture
To make it known that hereon in
Your cold is not a fixture

So hurry now and get well soon
Your buddy’s very troubled.
It feels as if you’ve gone astray
And missing you has doubled 

If only it was a mere cold that takes Joe away. Yes, he is in hospital again and with everything so upside down I can't get in the blogging mood. An operation is imminent to try and widen the neck of the bladder ... fingers crossed that it works. 

I shall continue to trawl my favourite blogs and will write something as soon as I feel in the mood.

Love you all xx


  1. I know how you feel. I hope Joe gets to feeling better soon. Both you and Joe are in my prayers.

  2. hugs.

    prayers and thoughts for joe as he faces yet another challenge...and hope the surgery goes well and fixes what it needs....

  3. Sending both Joe and you a HUGE hug...

    ((((((((((( You & Joe ))))))))))))

    and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, Valerie. Always.

    You take care, dear lady.

  4. I am sending good thoughts to you and Joe. Stay strong. I hope the surgery goes well and Joe is up and around soon.

  5. Oh, Val. Positive energy goes your way along with oodles of prayers for Joe and you. I love your poem. Keep us posted on Joe's health and take care of yourself. Love & hugs. ~Pam

  6. Sending lots and lots of hugs to you and Jo, lots and lots of prayers too and loads of Love, Denise xxx

  7. Thank you all for your good wishes. I am happy to say that Joe is out of hospital and the operation was a success in that he can now use the WC as a WC should be used. I haven't hoisted the flag yet, will wait a little while before doing so! It doesn't pay to tempt providence, does it?

  8. Shoot Val. Sorry to hear this. Hugs to you and thinking of you and Joe. Hope the surgery is success. Take care.

  9. Crap. Seems "unfair",given everything that's already had to be endured.
    Sending up prayers for the both of you.


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