23 July 2014

More Souvenirs

These wooden Matryshka dolls were bought when Joe and I went to Russia. As a child I was fascinated at the way each doll nestled inside another so when I saw them on sale in St Petersburg I just had to have my own set. Actually I had forgotten I had them since they were out of sight in a little used cupboard it was only a comment from Pamela Beers that reminded me. I hunted them out and took a picture. 

Russian Matryoshka Dolls and Italian Cruet

We loved St Petersburg, especially the tours round ornate palaces learning the history of the place, but our coach had to pass through rougher areas first which served to emphasise the wealth we were to witness. 

  • Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, politically incorporated as a federal subject. It is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. In 1914 the name of the city was changed from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, in 1924 to Leningrad, and in 1991, back to Saint Petersburg. 
  • I collected that snippet of information from 

  • We had lunch in a hotel and were entertained by folk singers. That was where I tasted my first olive. They were huge. In fact, I've not seen such big olives since. Other passengers didn't like them so I ate the lot. Oh Happy Days!


  1. So pretty! What an amazing adventure that must have been.

  2. Those look wonderful. I hope to see some images from your trip to St.Peterburg (or are they already on your blog somewhere)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. "As a child I was fascinated at the way each doll nestled inside another ."

    Valerie, I was the same way. It so intrigued me how they did that.

    Both of these items are just lovely. And I like how you have them in a grouping because the colors and design of each, compliments one other.

    How wonderful that you and Joe visited Russia! I've always been fascinated with the Russian history and its Tsars.

    Have a great Wednesday!

    X to you and Joe!

  4. Hi Denise, yes it was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Mersad, no images, I'm afraid. We didn't have cameras when we visited Russia... so sad!

  5. Ron, ignoring what it's like now, Russia does have a remarkable history and the buildings are fabulously ornate. Just think of the pictures I could have taken if I'd had camera with me... doh!

  6. Your dolls are beautiful. My daughter brought me a set of those back from Russia when she was over there for 6 weeks with a group from her high school. I was pretty glad when she was back on American soil safe and sound!

  7. Grandson1 one played lovingly with a set his other grandma gave him, for a long time, Grandson2 would take it apart and then toss it. It is missing the tiny one, but now sets up very high.

  8. My daughter studied in Russia and brought back these lovely nesting dolls. I still take them off the shelf and play with them. Lots of great memories.

  9. Pam. I confess that whenever I get the dolls out of the cupboard I have a little play... old habits die hard, methinks.... smiles.

  10. BC, how different the boys are but how interesting.

  11. Oh, those are pretty. How fortunate you have those and the memories to revisit any time you like. And how very cool that you got to make the memories!

  12. I was intrigued that you first tasted olives in Russia. I don't associate the two things at all in my mind - and I probably always will now, having been intrigued by your post! imagining Russian olive farms, etc... :)

  13. i love olives...i have since i was a little one...and my boys love them as well...

    those dolls totally freak my wife out as well...ha....

  14. Brian, there was a time when I feasted on olives all the time, but I've laid off them a bit now. Anyway, the ones we get are not a patch on the Russian ones.... smiles.


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