14 July 2014


Joe was pain-free and cheerful when I visited the hospital yesterday so this post is a complete change to that of yesterday. The doctor finally managed to fit a catheter which was an extremely painful experience but the good news is that Joe is now pain-free

He had palled up with the guy in the next bed and we all had a good laugh. One of the main causes for laughter was the fact that they had ordered turkey for dinner but were later told there was no turkey. 'The bird had flown' was the joke of the day. But then I added to it with this tale. 

On my way to the ward I spotted something through a huge picture window that overlooked the roof covering the hospital entrance. I thought it was a bird so I had to go and look, didn't I? You know me and birds. Well, I was right, it was a bird. A dead one, with a gentle breeze ruffling it's feathers. As took the picture this thought passed through my mind....

Hospitals are supposed to take care of visitors, even those on a flying visit....

That, plus the tale of the missing turkey had the patients in stitches (not literally!)


  1. Good news about 'Joe'..
    too bad for that poor bird...
    looks like he flew into a window.

    Happy Monday !

  2. oh how sad on the bird....
    i am so glad though that he is doing so well...and that he has made a pal there too...that is important...smiles.

    happy monday

  3. "Hospitals are supposed to take care of visitors, even those on a flying visit...."

    Bwhahahahahaha! OMG Valerie, between the photos and what you said, I laughed so hard. HILARIOUS!

    And I am so happy to hear about Joe. Good news indeed!

    Happy Monday, dear lady.

    X to you and Joe!

  4. Well, thank God, Joe is feeling better and you both still have a sense of humor.

  5. Sad for the bird, but very glad for Joe being pain-free. Hope it's good week for you both. :)

  6. LOLOL Oh, dearheart--I'm sure you know that laughter is the best medicine (that and an empty bladder!) Thank goodness the ordeal with the catheter is a done deal. Hopefully the both of you can get some much needed rest. He's in good, eh?

  7. So glad that the next day Joe was feeling better..


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