21 July 2014

Time will tell!

Whenever we visited Sorrento, or rather when we were leaving Sorrento, the hotel proprietors always gave us a gift, as they did with all their regular visitors. We’ve had locally made, handcrafted and colourful Italian mugs, cruets, olive oil containers, an earthenware vessel from which to pour limoncello into matching ‘tots’, Italian plates, and many other things to remind us of happy holidays.

My favourite gift was the kitchen clock you see in the picture. It’s a clock that has no glass over its face but that doesn’t stop it working and it’s stood the test of time over many years. Because of the absence of winding knobs I always change the time with caution, moving the hands as gently as I can and cursing the need to do this twice a year.

A few days ago I noticed that one of the hands is bent, significantly so, and I KNOW it’s not me who did it. A process of elimination leads me to think our lovely cleaning lady has unwittingly caught the finger in a duster ... or something. Fortunately the clock still works well, even with a crippled finger, and I hope it continues to because I would miss that clock if something really bad went wrong.

Does anyone else have treasured possessions to remind them of vacations?


  1. I always pick up either a actual ornament or a small decorative item that I can place on the Christmas tree, I can relive my trips once a year when I decorate the tree.

  2. Valerie, I love the clock! And even though I have never been to Italy, it looks like something Italian with those lemons and grapes. What a cheery-looking clock!

    Sorry to hear about the bent finger. However, it's probably better than having it happen to one of the hands because then you couldn't tell what time it was.

    And yes, I do have a few possessions that remind me of a vacation. I have somethings from my visit in Japan (a paper fan, some Japanese yen coins, and a small Japanese screen). I have them placed around my apartment so that I am reminded of my delightful time there.

    Happy Monday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  3. BC, that's a great idea. Christmas is the right time for memories, too.

  4. Ron, Sorrento is where Limoncello is made so a lot of the crockery is decorated with lemons. It's all very bright and cheerful.

    I have seen those Japanese screens... they're lovely. Did I ever tell you I have a selection of fans? They're not from Japan, though.

  5. Clock colors pop. I like yellow and blue together.

    I have hand made, hand painted wooden nesting dolls from Russia called Matryshka dolls. They are vibrant in color as well.

  6. Hi Pam, thank you so much for reminding me of the Matryshka dolls. I had completely forgotten that I had some tucked away. Rather, they WERE tucked away, I've hunted them out and put them on show again. And taken a photo!

  7. I have never been in a hotel that gives such lovely gifts at the end of a stay. What a shame about the bent hand. I have heard all kinds of lovely things about Sorrento. On the 60th D-Day Anniversary, one which my son went with his grandfather to, there were a lot more veterans along also. One of them was of Italian descent and they all went to visit his family near Sorrento. It was where son got his first taste of limoncello. He also fell in love with Italy and took his bride there on his honeymoon.

  8. Denise, I could rave about Sorrento for ever and a day... and probably will. It certainly inspired me to write. It is such a beautiful place I'm not surprised your son fell in love with it.

  9. Like Denise, I also did not go to a hotel ever that gifted their visitors..but liked your watch a lot..its really beautiful and until you mentioned about its bent finger I could not see any fault in it..

  10. Ranita, fortunately the bent finger doesn't stop it working. I would be upset if it had broken down altogether.

    Thank you so much for all your comments on various posts... I read them but hadn't the time okay and that things are going well for you.


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