06 October 2011

A Lucky Day Out

Hi, I'm back. If you want to know what I've been up to recently take a look here.

Yes, it was the Federation's Annual Council Meeting. It was lovely to see all my old friends and acquaintances and receive quite a few hugs into the bargain. The council meeting is not just about business matters, it is the getting together of like minded people and reminding ourselves what a great organisation the WI is.

There was one amusing episode that I must tell you about. Of course, there's always a raffle at any WI event but at council meetings there is also an extra draw called the 200 club. Members buy shares throughout the year and look forward to the weekly or annual draws in case they were lucky enough to win. When I was chairman the treasurer and I upped the rewards, thus making the winnings worth having. At that time I (as Chairman) won one of the top awards. You can imagine my embarrassment when my name was drawn out of the hat.

Yesterday, a similar thing happened when the current chairman drew second prize of £150. Unfortunately my name was drawn for third prize of £100. I was going to ask for it to be drawn again but after listening to announcements about being hard up I quickly decided to donate the winnings to the Federation. There were gasps of surprise from the audience and I spent the rest of the day being thanked by all and sundry for my generosity.

But that's not all... I then won a spot in the raffle. It really was my lucky day, don't you think? The treasurer drew the number and checked the book. She looked at the audience and said 'You're not going to believe this.' Well they had to believe it because I stood up and announced that I was going to keep this one. I came away with a drinking mug, tray and salver as a reminder of my 'winning' streak'.

When I was chairman I introduced a new idea for an annual creative writing competition and it is still going on. The winner receives the above cup and a certificate which is presented at the ACM. Naturally I am interested in who enters and who wins. The office send copies of the stories to me but the names are withheld for obvious reasons. I am beginning to recognise the different styles and this year I got it right.. the story I liked the most was the winner.

At lunch time I was approached by the editor of our newsletter. She had decided to quit the job and asked if I would take it on. I thought about it and decided that I would but later, after discussion, I had second thoughts about taking on something that would, by its very nature, be a long term commitment. My spells of long commitment are finished ... it doesn't seem prudent to start over again.


  1. WOW! What a wonderful time this sounded like, Valerie!

    I did check out the link you left and enjoyed the photo video very much!

    A HUGE congrats on BOTH your wins!!!

    Woot! Woot! Woot!

    WOW! You were on a winning streak!

    "I quickly decided to donate the winnings to the Federation."

    I bet they were so appreciative of your generosity. How wonderfully kind of you to do so.

    Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, dear lady. I so enjoyed it!

    And welcome back!


  2. I know what you mean about long-term commitments. My days of that are over as well! I like enjoying my free time. And thank you for your concern about me, Val. We're moving forward - slowly - but if I know Cole, he wouldn't want us moping around.

  3. hey it was an honor to be asked eh? i hear you on commitments though...i need to get you to buy me a lottery ticket...smiles. good on you for giving the first one back!

  4. Ron, thanks. It's good to be back. Except for a quick outing to a follow-up lunch I've spent today trying to catch up. Actually I'm still reeling from my lucky streak! Glad you enjoyed the photo video.

    Hi Mona, sending more hugs to you.

    Brian, if my luck holds I will certainly buy you a lottery ticket...smiles.

  5. Congratulations to lucky Valerie!!! How wonderful that you donated the winnings to the Federation. Bravo to you once again. I love the idea of a creative writing competition. Thanks for sharing this special day with us!

  6. Congratulations on your winning streak!

  7. Hi Valerie,

    This sounded like a great day.

    I don't have your luscky streak(I have never won a raffle prize or even a lottery win here in France).

    How generous to donate your monetary prize to the Federation :)

    I have to agree with long-term commitments. Once committed,you are tied down for a long time.

  8. Winning not once, but twice? Wow! And that was awful generous of you to donate it to the cause!

  9. Winning not once, but twice? Wow! And that was awful generous of you to donate it to the cause!

  10. Well, there was a loving thing to do! Good for you.....and good for them.

    Yup--on a definite roll with the winner stuff.
    Even the decision to pass on the offer--good for you!

  11. Welcome back, and glad to hear you had a wonderful time. And congrats on the big wins.

  12. Definitely a lucky day for you... sounds like a good day
    all around...

  13. I really must stop using the iPhone to publish comments, it's so easy to press delete instead of publish.

    HermanTurnip said:

    Sounds like a great bunch of people to be associated with...and kudos for donating your winnings! You, my friend, are a class act!

    Thank you, what a lovely thing to say.

  14. Kelly, the writing competition was set-up to encourage new writers. There are about eight members who have a go every year.

    Pat, I felt obliged to after listening to the hard-up stories.

  15. Patsy, thank you. Nice to see you here.

    Barb, I never won anything until I joined the WI. Hmmm food for thought there.

    Thanks Faye and Shifey. It was a very good day and a lucky one.

  16. I had four numbers on the Lotto last Saturday and won £83. I kept it for myself. Maybe I'll share when I win the big one.

  17. Sounds like a grand time being out with friends and enjoying yourself so much. And how nice of you to donate the money from your winning streak! I'm sure it'll be of help.

  18. congratulations on your streak of luck, must be the golden touch. and yes, I completely understand about not wanting to overcommit your time, particularly since you have already served. I think they will certainly find a new volunteer :)

  19. Darn it Val, you should have rushed out and bought a lottery ticket.

    By the way... I'm still smiling at this...

    'weekly or annual drawers'

    See the little mistake? *wink*

  20. Mr V.... whoops ... and thanks.


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