29 September 2014


I am getting exceedingly tired of reading all the reports about dangers to our health. Eating red meat has reared its head again. Eat it at your peril! 

Then there’s the instruction to eat five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables, discounting bananas, of course, because they are now accused of filling our tummies with fat! FAT? IN BANANAS? Fruit doesn't agree with me but I do take Vitamin C on a daily basis, have done for nigh on 50 years. This means I rarely have a cold (first one last week in about ten years) and keep reasonably healthy. 

The latest don’t-do is the taking of statins, which are/were supposed to be the be-all-and-end-all of medication guaranteed to save our lives. I’ve taken them for years and I’m still here, folks. I checked with the doc because I am taking the medium range dosage. He said it was fine so I guess if it was going to kill me it would have done so long ago.

Almost every day there are reports in the newspapers about new discoveries to prolong the lives of oldies, yet – to balance out the news reports – there is great concern that oldies are eating up a fair portion of the economy. If we can’t afford to be kept alive in the comfort of our care homes, why on earth do they keep discovering ways so to do? Before we know where we are euthanasia will be introduced. I say it jokingly but who knows what’s on the cards if the elderly keep costing thousands to keep alive.

My admiration goes to our lovely actress Linda Bellingham who has chosen the time she will die, by curtailing the chemotherapy which is keeping her alive. 

Click picture to read the article)
Not too many people have the strength of will to make such a decision. I have stated to doc and family that if ever I had a stroke or something else just as serious, I do NOT want to be resuscitated. In fact, I now wear a bangle to that effect. I couldn’t bear the thought of lying in a machine waiting for someone to switch it off and just think of the heartache they would have. I wouldn’t know about it, of course, but I would much rather go quickly and get it over with.

 This month the magazine WI Life published an article about Death Cafes, places where groups of people go to discuss the matter of dying. How healthy is that? Death has always been a forbidden topic so it’s good that people can discuss it openly, thereby helping to eliminate the fears associated with it. It is so important to discuss it with family members so they know what our wishes are.
My funeral plan was fun to do, I had more laughs in the planning than were expected. It was planned with the aid of the undertaker, a lady, who asked me all sorts of unexpected questions.

‘What make-up do you wear?’
‘Make-up. You want to look nice don’t you?’
‘Er… yes!’
‘Well, it’s part of my duty to make sure you do.’
‘Oh right!’
‘Do you want a viewing?’
‘A viewing?’
‘Yes, you might want people to have a look at you.’
I thought about it and decided that a viewing would only take place if requested by family.
‘What do you want to wear?’ she asked.
She explained that if I wanted a ‘viewing’ (Gawd help me) you might ...
I interrupted at that point. ‘Well,’ I said’ ‘if I’m going to be gawked at I want to look good.’

So, best clothes are ordered on the understanding that the undertaker lady selects what suits my complexion. Until then I intend to keep a close eye on my wardrobe and remove all the stuff I don’t like. What a great excuse for more shopping….hehehe. She will also pay close attention to the make-up. That was something I didn’t know they did. I said I would leave it to her providing she didn’t make me look like a clown.

I hope you took this post in the way it was intended, to help put things in context and to eliminate fears, plus giving you a damned good laugh in the process.

Altogether now….. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


  1. Don't forget to take your IPAD and Mobile Phone to keep in touch and let me know what it's like up there x

  2. i guess it is good to talk about death...we have to prepare, especially a plan so that they ones left dont fight over the $5 i have in the account...ha

  3. Yes, Valerie, I absolutely took this post as was intended and thoroughly enjoyed it. You had me laughing very much! I agree, to eliminate fears and giving you a dammed good laugh in the process.

    In fact, I clearly remember sitting down with my mother and making all her funeral arrangements and living will with her before she passed away. And I like you, the two of us laughed at some of the questions that were asked.

    And I also agree with you about reading all the dangers to our health. OMG, I am so sick of it. America is so obsessed with being healthy (eating right, exercising, taking vitamins, etc.) yet it is the most unhealthy society because it does everything to excess and knows no balance.

    I eat like a European Italian. I eat EVERYTHING, but I eat it in moderation and I eat with no guilt. I eat it with PASSION.

    Sorry to ramble on, but as you can tell, this topic is a hot one for me - HA!

    So keep doing what you're doing and live your life happy. You look VERY healthy to me.

    Have a great week, dear lady.

    X to you and Joe!

    P.S. I laughed so hard at Joe's comment. HILARIOUS!

  4. I enjoyed your reactions to the whole thing. Keep smiling and be sure you don't have some gaudy awful dress hanging in your closet for sure.

  5. Joe, if it is in my power to take the techno stuff then I will. Can't imagine me doing without the phone...lolol.

  6. Brian, you should start saving. $5 will be frowned on... grins.

    Mona, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Ron, I loved your response to this post. I do remember you telling us about laughing with your mother and I thought then how wonderful it was that you both were so relaxed at that time.

    I think our society is rapidly copying that of the US on the eating front and all the medical hype does nothing to help. Give me the old days when we didn't know things and therefore didn't worry about anything.

  8. Larry, I can promise that there will be no gaudy dress in the closet. I think I'll aim for quality and go out in style.... lol.

  9. PS to Ron... heehee it's an old photo!

  10. You could go crazy trying to follow all the rules... don't eat this, okay to have that, oops, no maybe not. Grrr! Within reason I suppose, eat in BLISS! Watch what you can, or what you have to, and don't worry over the rest.
    We haven't made any 'arrangements' yet, however, Ron has told me a few times that he wants to be viewed in a Hawaiian shirt and a clown nose. haha!
    My parents had some things done prior, their plots at the cemetery, bought the headstone, etc. long before they ever got sick. I guess that's good, so the family knows what you want and don't have a big financial burden to deal with.
    Fun post, Val!

  11. Mary, maybe your Ron has it right, a clown nose.... Hmm thinking about that one. It might suit me, especially if the make-up is the right colour.

    Your parents were wise. It is really all about the family knowing what our wishes are, and the fact that it's paid for is an added bonus.

  12. I needed a good chuckle on this subject....;)

  13. I really hate the idea of being made up and dressed up, it's always seemed very creepy to me. I never viewed either of my parents and am glad I didn't.

    The bangle is a good idea. Where do you get one?

  14. TB, I'm so pleased you had a good chuckle. That's the way it should be... smiles.

  15. Jenny, the make up doesn't make us look like painted dolls, it is totally natural. I guess it is easier on the viewer's eye. I feel so sad that you didn't/couldn't see your parents when you said goodbye.

    The DNR bracelets (and necklaces) can be bought on line. Very easy, and actually very cheap. I believe Amazon also sell them.

  16. Planning for the end of life is a great idea.

    Everything is all set for me. No make up though, I'm going to be cremated along with my riding boots and pitchfork.

    As far as eating the right food is concerned, eat what you want. As long as exercise goes along with it.

    The rule of thumb is: If we get sick we better die quick, 'cause our health insurance won't be covering anything.

  17. A most excellent post Val. Thank you for sharing. I wish our society was more open to talking about death but it seems taboo. Take care Val and keep taking care those vitamins as they seem to be treating you right. We need you around for as long as possible. =)

  18. Pam, I too am going for cremation but am still undecided what to take, if anything. I had to smile about you taking the

    TB... carry on chuckling. Better that than feeling morbid.

    Matt, maybe if more people talked about it the taboo situation would be lifted. I promise to keep taking the vits... grins.

  19. Agree with you about the papers. They can't seem to make up their minds (not the papers, of course, but the editors :-D).

    Greetings from London.

  20. Exactly as intended, I had to smile at the conversation with your gal about makeup and chosing what outfit goes with your complexion. LOL. More reasons for skipping the viewing and going for cremation!! Ashes to ashes sounds right to me. I did all the planning when I was getting chemotherapy and knew what a mess it could be. I lived through that experience, thank you G-d, and now I'm married and haven't changed the plan one iota.
    And me too, on the "what's next on the list of things that I've ate my whole life that suddenly are gonna kill me"!! is suppose to be enjoyed! So yup I want that BIG piece of cheesecake. LOL. Make it a double!! ;-)


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