23 September 2014

Taking liberties...

I had a new computer this year but I still have the old one. Why? Because the new one is a PROFESSIONAL and the old one a mere HOME machine.  I tell you this, though, the old one is more professional than the professional! Whatever I want to do on the new machine takes me three times as long because everything is HIDDEN. Plus half the keyboard commands are missing which slows me down something awful. Everything is hidden and hardly anything opens with a hovering mouse. It didn't take me long to realise the old machine had to be retained! 

What gets my goat more than anything is the new idea of downloading stuff onto the computer that I don't want. Like the following:



Do they tell us these things? Do they ever think of asking permission? Darn right, they don't!

Well I deleted both in the hope that it would give me something to complain about but in actual fact it did nothing to affect the running of the computer. What good does it do to have all these files thrust upon us?

If someone could explain it all to me I would be grateful.


  1. At least you didn';t have a free U2 album downloaded on it like the new iPhone users! :)

  2. Jenny, I guess I must be thankful for small mercies.

  3. I still have my old computer and would much rather use it than the new one.

  4. User friendly is more important than any other part of the design. I have a very old computer that hangs on with it plugged into the wall with a keyboard and a screen connected to it so I can use. I am getting a new one soon but it will take a lot of time to move everything over to it. I wish I had answers for you as I know the computer thing can get to be so frustrating.

  5. " I tell you this, though, the old one is more professional than the professional!"

    Valerie, that is the truth! As the new computer software's are update throughout the years, they seem to do less than what the older ones did. I still think Windows 98 was the BEST software that was ever created because it had many more features and was so user-friendly.

    I'm not not sure about the Facebook download stuff because I'm not on Facebook. However, I do use Feedly and have noticed that I an icon was downloaded onto my computer so that when I click on it, it allows me to add blogs to my feed reader more easily. But I find that I don't use it.

    Happy Tuesday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  6. Ron, Windows 98 and the XP were my favourites. The new Windows progs can't hold a candle to XP. In view of what you say about Feedly perhaps I should have investigated further... I just deleted it - mainly because I don't use it, I guess.

  7. Larry, progress isn't always a good thing, as we have found out.

  8. i am actually using feedly now...since the google reader stopped being friendly to me...but i hear you on downloads...ugh...i have to uninstall things all the time...

  9. I can't help you on anything technical. And don't get me started on Win8. Gah!!! I got a Toshiba laptop for a class I was taking but it had that awful program on it so I went right back to my little MacBook Air afterwards. Still go back to the old dinosaur desktop for working on photos though.

  10. What is it with these software people who have to constantly upgrade to stuff we don't want or need?! Just as soon as we get comfortable with the current software, these IT folks have to change things. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

    None of us has the time to relearn this new software. Arghhh! Plus...I hate Facebook. There you have it. Hugs to you, Val.

  11. Jenny, all I can say is 'thank goodness'!!

  12. Mary, I have two Toshiba laptops now, one is fine, the other (the new one) is difficult to understand. It's all to to do with the programmes loaded in which are way above my head.

  13. Hi Pam.

    'If it ain't broke don't fix it!

    My sentiments exactly. As for Facebook, my time there is limited - by choice. If it wasn't for finding the grandsons I wouldn't be there at all.

  14. Oh, don't get me started on the Windows ordeal--that's a whole essay!

    I still love my desktop over the rest. I can type faster than I can hunt and peck with a touch pad. And most times I can't use the suggested words cuz they aren't the ones I want. No shortcut for me there! And the desktop is set to get permission before downloading something, a function I'm sure is there on newer models, but it's buried so they can give me the latest and greatest for the social medias that I refuse to use. LOL...Oh, face it, I'm an old fart and I resist stuff like that.
    Heck, I still have a *gasp* dumb phone! ROFL


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