15 September 2014


Two things. 

First, my arm protectors have arrived from China (not as hitherto thought from Japan) and I am wearing them right now. They are soooo comfortable. 

Basically they are designed to protect the arms from ultra violet (UV) rays when playing golf or tennis or simply hiking, but my need was to protect the skin from being torn off by something sharp. 

What amazes me most is that for a couple of GB pounds I can purchase something from so far away. The world is definitely an open marketplace these days, thanks to Amazon.

Now that I have seen the quality of the sleeves I’m wishing I’d ordered more than one pair. Still, I guess there’s nothing to stop me doing so now I know how easy it is … and how cheap.

Next is a moan about the phone.

It seems that the business pests who continually ring have cottoned on to the fact that if they use a WITHHELD number they can get through to ANYONE. Hospitals and doctors always use a withheld number so we are obliged to answer in case it is the hospital giving Joe an appointment. It was fine for a while but now everyone seems to be using the same system.

We opted for a phone system with caller display so that we would know who was calling. If it was a mobile/cell phone number we answered, if it was an unknown number we worked on the premise that if someone really wanted us they would leave a message. Unavailable was ignored and, until now, so was Withheld. And quite often, if we don’t answer an unknown number the caller leaves a lengthy message … which we have to pay for.

Ever had that feeling you can’t win? We have!


  1. Those kind of phone calls are very frustrating. Glad the arm protectors arrived

  2. Glad you like the protectors. Yes, everything can be found in this great big world! There's a company I like to order some jewelry supplies from occasionally and if you spend only $10 the shipping if free. I never have trouble spending that much on beads and charms. ha!
    I can understand the frustration about the cell calls. Hope there will be a way to resolve that sometime soon.

  3. Mary, I doubt if anything will be done about the phones, think of the money that would be lost by the phone companies.

  4. Valerie, glad to hear that your protectors arrived and that you found them both comfortable and effective. Yahooo!

    "We opted for a phone system with caller display so that we would know who was calling."

    I have the same feature on my home phone and love it. It allows me to screen calls before answering. As far as cell phones go, business pests were not ever permitted to contact them. However, now they can get through.

    Have a super week, dear lady!

    Hope all is well with Joe.

    X to you both!

  5. What pain these unwanted calls are. And they always seem to come when you sit down for a meal Ugh!

  6. Ron, We were happy with ours until people got wise to withholding numbers ... otherwise we love the ID system. Thank you so much for your good wishes; they will be passed on x

  7. TB, you're right... always at mealtimes. Sometimes I take the phone to the dining table so at least I can see the screen.


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