22 October 2014


Can you comprehend the current craze of taking ‘selfies’? I can almost understand youngsters (and others) taking pictures of themselves to send to friends, or people just wanting a bit of fun, but I CANNOT understand why prominent, important or even ordinary people have succumbed to taking and sending indecent shots of their personal bits. And they wonder why their phones are being hacked. Are these people mad or degenerate? What kind of world are we living in these days when people send lewd photos of themselves to all and sundry? Take the recent case of the politician forced to resign because he sent pics of his bits to a male reporter posing as a young, sexy woman. Oh the things they do for a story. I’m not sure who is worse, perpetrator or newshound.

I used to think topless or nude bathing was indecent but it was nothing compared to the nakedness of today. Never mind the beaches, I only have to go to the shopping mall to see barely dressed young women. If we think that’s bad imagine what is ahead of us in five or ten years…. or less. I know there’s been worse in years gone by but it was usually kept under wraps for fear of possible arrest; now it seems people can’t wait to publicly expose themselves. I say ‘publicly’ since that is what it amounts to when the hackers get to work.

The example we set our children is important, heaven help those whose parents parade their wares for all to see. Okay, so I’m an old fuddy-duddy but I think my views match those of many others. These days we keep hearing the word RAPE … which is a terrible thing … but I sometimes wonder if the way females dress (Dress?) steers a man’s thoughts towards taking what is not rightfully his. The law says if a woman says No her rights must be respected… but temptation is a terrible thing and I firmly believe that women should take that into account when dressing for a night out on the tiles. Dress style nowadays is full of questions: Should I? Shall I? Or, will he? Please don’t tell me that young women on a night out don’t dress to capture a man. Of course, they have every right to dress how they like but we have to admit that today’s fashion barely covers all. Don’t you like that word ‘barely’?


  1. i think we do set the example for our children...and the amount of skin shown these days is ridiculous....and you def dont have to go far to see it...and we are killing the mystery of intimacy but exposing too much....imho

  2. My pet peeve has and always will be the example set by rock stars, and yes movie stars. So many young people look up to them and their idea of the world becomes very warped by all this negative media.

  3. Brian, I endorse your opinion about the mystery of intimacy... the wonder of it will soon disappear with today's behaviour... and that's sad.

    Denise, you are right about examples of stars. Is it any wonder youth of today behave the way they do?

  4. Valerie, you have been reading my mind because I've been wanting to share a post on this exact same topic - sending "revealing" selfies via cell phones. And I'm not only referring to celebrities, but also many people out there who have accounts on these online dating websites that send pictures back and forth to each other via the Internet. Don't they realize that these photos can possibly be confiscated/hacked at any time and be discovered when applying for a job?

    I think many people have become immune to using 'caution' on the Internet.

    And I agree, way too much skin is being revealed in the fashion styles of today. To me, I think some things should be left to the imagination.

    Great post topic!

    Have a terrific Thursday!

    X to you and Joe!

  5. Ron, isn't it strange how our minds sometimes work in tandem? I hadn't thought that it might influence job applications. How embarrassing! Yes, embarrassing, but it would serve people right for being so silly. Commonsense should prevail but it seems to have disappeared from the current generation.

  6. Selfies is just our solipsism taken up to a whole new dimension! :-)

    Loved your rant. Re nakedness, can't believe that it still continues in autumn!

    Greetings from London.

  7. Cuban, I don't think an autumn chill is felt, perhaps because the body is geared for hotter things. Just a thought.

    Not heard the word solipsism for a long time.

  8. Yup, I've been pretty shocked by what seems to be acceptable behavior and/or dress these days. But then, I'm from the "old School." Nothing is left to the imagination anymore.

  9. Selfies are stupid but I'm a middle-aged man. Maybe it's also because I don't think I look that wonderful when I take them. Take care Val and my best to Joe.

  10. I'm so with you on this Valerie! People have no respect for themselves these days with lots of young girls dressing like prostitutes, but is it any wonder when their role models are pop stars puting out new songs with videos of themselves cavorting half naked?

  11. Pearl, I agree with you that kids don't have a chance these days with the shenanigans that go on - on screen and off.

  12. I agree with you 100% a lot of people are being "hacked" and their lewd images shared without their consent, had they never taken such an image of themselves it wouldn't be out there. I don't see why anyone would want to send such an image in the first place.

    We took our Grandson to a theme park this past summer and the way a lot of young women were dressed was completely embarrassing, like you mentioned they were displaying everything they had, and I for one don't think I am a prude but some things should be covered.

  13. Jimmy, it is embarrassing to see so many semi-naked young women. It's not good for youngsters to witness the way they carry on. Wrong impression altogether. I'm not a prude either but there is a time and a place, isn't there?

  14. I admit it....I AM a prude and I don't wanna look at other people's STUFF. I just DON'T. Eeessshhh. A selfie is a photo of you standing in front of the Grand Canyon....not a picture of your bits!! People taking photos of that nature are engaging in pornographic activities. And putting it out on the internet is not only stupid, it's illegal.
    Screaming 'rights' to privacy is all well and good, it just doesn't and won't apply when you involve the world wide web. People aren't stupid--they know that. They just pull out that excuse when they don't want to be accountable for their choices. *sigh* Seems to be the flavor of the month to toss out there.


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