07 October 2014


You would think it a simple matter to get keys cut, wouldn’t you? Recently I decided that a set of keys should be left with my son on a ‘just in case’ basis. Well, we never know when they might be needed. Anything can happen at our time of life so it pays to be prepared.

There are a lot of keys on my key-ring. Apart from the car keys, of which there are two (ignition/locking and steering lock) there are three front entrance keys to the house (porch and front door which has two locks). In addition there is one for the side door, leading to the back of the house, and one each for doors to kitchen, garden and patio. I agree, that’s a lot of keys!

Having removed the car keys I took the rest to a key-cutting shop, asked for copies of each, then tootled round the shops for half an hour. They were ready and waiting by the time I got back.

First thing I did when I arrived back home was to test all the keys. All bar two worked perfectly. Later in the day Joe took the useless keys back to the shop (you’ll note I said Joe took it back… yes, folks, he is out and about again, but more of that later.) One key was successfully cut again but apparently all the guy did was file the second one in a certain place. ‘That should work’ was his comment to Joe. Only, he was wrong. It didn’t. Joe took it back again, this time insisting on and getting a re-cut. That didn’t work either. Bearing in mind they had successfully cut all the other keys this was a surprise, after all it wasn’t an unusual kind of key, just the normal Yale like all the others. This kind of problem has been known before at this shop but hitherto they were always able to rectify the matter on the first return.

We’re still wondering how to put this right!

Picture taken in Oz, well before his illness
Now, about Joe. Currently he is bag-less and loving it. Isn’t that wonderful? He looks a lot healthier now and is eating well. No longer is he the thin, drawn and poorly man of the past 15 months or so, what's more he's even had three baths in as many days. What luxury! He was beginning to think he'd never be able to bathe again. 

Last week he said goodbye to the district nurse and hopes never to see her again… the feeling was mutual, said the nurse, although I think they will all miss him. There are two appointments to keep with consultants but they’re not until November and we can’t hazard any guesses about the outcome of either. So three cheers for Joe, he’s been quite remarkable through it all.


  1. yay! nice progress on joe...that is very nice...

    ugh on the keys...ridiculous...seems if they knew they had a problem they would fix it, you know...

  2. I've had that happen before--get all the way home, only to find the key doesn't work. Such a pain!

  3. Glad Joe is showing such progress. I have a splint on my right hand now, because of a fall. I tried to catch myself. It isn't broken but it hurts and makes it hard to bathe. The key guy should cut a new key.

  4. First, I have to say THREE CHEERS for Joe!


    And yahoooo! I am so happy to hear that he was able to say goodbye to the district nurse :)

    To Joe: You look GREAT in that picture - healthy and happy!

    About the keys: You sound like me, Valerie. I have a ton of keys on my key ring and I just got two more that I received for work related stuff.

    That's odd about the one key not working properly. But hopefully they will be able to correct it.

    Have a great week, Valerie and Joe!

    X to you both!

  5. Brian, you would think a key returned three times was worth investigation of machinery etc. It's very frustrating.

    Hi, Stephanie. Thanks for visiting my blog. Having to go back so often is the worst part... and having to pay for car parking each time. It's enough to make me spit!!

    BC, so sorry to hear about your poor hand but I'm pleased you didn't break any bones. Hope it gets better soon. Are you typing one-handed now? As for the key, the key guy did cut a new key - which didn't work!

  6. Ron, Joe was healthy and happy when that picture was taken. He's getting back to that state again, slowly but hopefully surely. As for the keys, I dare not put the WI keys on the key ring... if I did I might not be able to walk straight.... whaaaaa.

    I will let everyone know the outcome of the key problem.

  7. So glad to hear that Joe is shot of the district nurse! As for keys, I used to wear them around my neck when I had little kids at home. It was just simpler that way even though it probably made me look a bit stupid :)

  8. I'm glad Joe's better.

    Now, that's a lot of keys you have. You're lucky it was only two that didn't work! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  9. I am happy to hear the good news about Joe.

    My problem with keys is finding where I laid them. When getting copies of keys made I have learn there is one store that never cuts them right and another seems to cut them right most of the time. I just replaced the door knob on the front door today. Now my front door key looks like the key for the garage. I need to mark them some way so I know which key is which.

  10. Wonderful news on Joe. As to keys I have collected so many over the years I don't know what half of them are for any longer. :(

  11. I would comment on the keys but I just want to say. "Yay Joe!" So glad to hear he is out and about and feeling much better. Great news Val. Take care both of you and thanks for your support with my book.

  12. Oh my gosh!! I'm so thrilled for the both of you. You've both gone through some mighty tough moments....and it's paying off, bit by bit. I'm hoping the two of you can start reclaiming some of that 'normal' that you had to set to the side while you were fighting the good fight.
    A BATH!! Oh my gosh, that was such a huge deal for the sister when they finally pulled her feeding tube....she still celebrates her bath time with the duckies I sent her. LOL. The things we take for granted, huh?
    I'm just so darn grateful to hear things are flipping to the side of recovery. That is so amazing, and such good news.
    Be good to yourselves....celebrate a bit. Love each other like crazy, eh?
    And the keys....pfffttt....childsplay compared to what the two of you have dealt with!! ;-)


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